May 29, 2007

Villager Challenges Tiger, Barack, Serena & Colin!

Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, Serena Williams, Colin Powell & Villager. What do we have in common? F-A-M-E!

Actually, there is a new contest called Blogging to Fame and I figure that I can beat Tiger, Barack, Serena and Colin! Mostly, because I don't think any of them are competing - yet. Besides I don't figure that any of 'em needs the cash prize (1 x $25,000, 3 x $10,000 and 5 x $5,000).

You can register and add yourself in it as well so I can return "fames" for you but please click these links to vote for my blog or me!


crpitt said...

Well you have enticed a vote from me :)

ilker said...

This post looks a lot like mine??


Unknown said...

Ilker --> It should! The title of your post ('Paris Hilton is going down') caused me to click over to read it ... and as a result I signed up for the contest. Of course, I'm about a kazillion votes behind at this point!

How long have you been blogging? You have a truly unique and remarkable blog in many ways.

peace, Villager

Unknown said...

Claire - Asante sana! Let me know if you decide to join the fray. I would be happy to return the favor!

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

You've been famed, yet again! lol. Good luck!


Claire said...

I haven't a clue what Asante sana means, i will presume you are not being rude and say cheers! I am ready to be famed.

Anonymous said...

Claire-Asante Sana means thank you very much in Swahili.

Villager, great post. I didn't know that you had the other web site too. The one at like it.

Also, you have been doing some great blogging.

Thanks Man, or shall i say Asante Sana!

Tafari said...

Congrats on your milestone & keeo up the hard work!


Unknown said...

Benin, Bygbaby, and Anna - I appreciate the support from each of you. I hope that I can be as supportive of your blog as you are of our Electronic Village. I do hope that you had a chance to provide me with your fame-vote!

peace, Villager