June 14, 2007

Five Reasons I Blog

Yesterday was the Five-Month Anniversary of the Electronic Village. One thing that I've learned since my first post is that hosting a blog is a responsibility. I didn't have a plan when I started blogging. I certainly didn't realize the responsibility that comes with keeping our blog current and relevant for visiting 'villagers'.

In any case, I thought this might be a good time to respond to a tag that I received from Salman Siddiqui of CompuWorld. He asked me to share five reasons that I blog.

  1. Kujichagulia (Self-Determination) - My sister has been blogging since Sept 2006. In January she mentioned that you could set up a blog for free. I never explored the blogosphere before ... however, the idea of setting it up for free appealed to me! I already had a poorly maintained website ... so perhaps the blog would help to jumpstart my online efforts. That's what I was thinking in mid-January when I created the Electronic Village blog to go with the website and online community.

  2. Kuumba (Creativity) - Deep down inside the Villager is a shy and naive brother! Operating this blog allows me to explore aspects of creativity that I don't feel as comfortable sharing IRL. Many that know me feel that I must be lyin' when I describe myself as shy and naive. They point to my my public speaking skills and resume. However, the truth of the matter is that I do what I need to do for my business and career ... however, my inner self is shy and naive. I imagine that it won't be long before I'm off exploring Second Life.

  3. Umoja (Unity) and Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility) - Much of my life has been involved with the growth and development of African American professionals. I strive to uplift our people in action and words. One of my greatest joys over the past weeks as a blogger is the growth and evolution of the Afrosphere. The potential power of the Internet to connect Afrikan-centered people from all around the diaspora is unlimited. I would like the Electronic Village to be part of the process. The brothers and sisters that are creating the AfroSpear network are very diverse in politics, experience and personality. However, we are held together by a common mission.

  4. Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) - I blog because I firmly believe in the idea of multiple streams of income. I sense that I will eventually get serious about turning the Electronic Village into a source of revenue. Right now, I am trying to learn what I can from Paula Mooney and others that unashamedly seek revenue sources from their blog. I have to admit that I check out my Technorati rating more than necessary. Heck, I told y'all when my blog ranked in the top 100,000. I shamelessly Blog-for-Fame. And, I enjoy weekly memes such as Manic Monday and Wordless Wednesday. If you have ideas to share on making money with a blog ... please feel free to do so!

  5. Nia (Purpose) - Finally, I blog because the blogosphere (and Afrosphere) teach me new things virtually every day. You 'villagers' are great teachers for me. Sitting under the baobob tree that we've created here in the Electronic Village is stimulating and provides for a great learning experience. You are great teachers!

Here is the tough part. I am supposed to tag five others. I'm going to do something a little different this time. I am going to tag the top five bloggers in the Blogging-For-Fame contest. I would love to learn the five reasons that each of them blog!

Well, Villagers, while we wait to hear from them ... why don't you share your comment on why you blog ... or, if you do not currently blog, would you care to share with us the reason that you do not blog?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Villager!
I am more than pleased to step up to the plate simply because you asked me to do so.
I'll not say anything more about it here but will let you read more about this concept amongst bloggers in my post.


Urban Thought said...

All great reasons to blog. I look forward to future posts.

Kim said...

ahh Villager
you are too kind !!!!
you have listed some wonderful and very meaningful reasons for blogging....and I have to add that you are a greater person than I....
my reasons for blogging are rather shallow in comparison to yours..(ie that's because I am an Artist...however....I do not speak for all artists)
I wish I had one tenth of your motivation....at present I am busily catching up after 4 days of internet shutdown in our region...due to natural disaster.....and with more violent storms due tonight......(not trying to sound dramatic... cough cough).....
We (collectively speaking) Novocastrians survived the earthquake of '89..... and are still here to talk about it !!!...
so I'm sure storms and flooding won't faze us!!!
I will put this 'meme' as a #1 priority on my "to do" list....and I hope that I'm up for the challenge (ie...being the rather competitive blogger that I am....I seriously hope that I can 'better' my terrific friend Deborah over at Life in the Fast Lane with this 'meme'....who...as you know is beating me at BTF....)
oh and...
hi Saboma (another great fellow competitor at BTF)...you mystery woman ..clever strategy there...not displaying too much ...of course all of us nosey bloggers are going to stampede over to your ranch to see what you have to say....in response to this very clever tag

and getting back to my comment Villager....how did I digress???(I think it has to do with the fact that I have a wandering mind)
you have a great blog here and I love the template too...shows great aesthetic taste...so much so that I used it on my 'new' Poeartica blog...which is just 2 weeks old..... hint hint
xxxxxxxx Kim

Villager said...

Saboma - Thank you. I learned of you from the Blogging-to-Fame contest. I look forward to learning some of the secrets of your blog's success!

Urban Thoughts - Thank you very much!

peace, Villager

Villager said...

Kim - Nice to learn your first name! Your artwork displayed on your main blog is outstanding. I wish you well with nature's elements ... and catching up on your Internet-less time. I look forward to reading your response to the meme-tag ... and I'll take you up on your hint to visit your new blog! (smile).

peace, Villager

Mihaela Lica said...


thank you very much for the tag. :) I'm a bit busy this week, but I'll be more than honored to participate and give you the link love you deserve.

Your reasons to blog show your heart and I am happy to discover it.

Good luck with the blogging to fame contest. As I said to another blogger: at blogging to fame we are all winners, because we get to know each other.



Mihaela Lica said...

Oh... I did something wrong Villager! I thought your name was Kim. Sorry! So I owe you a lamb (in Romania where I come from, the ones who baptize a child, the god parents, are supposed to bring a lamb to celebrate the purity of the child). Would you accept a virtual lamb? ;)


Rethabile said...

Keep blogging!

Villager said...

Mig - The offer of the virtual lamb wasn't necessary ... however, it would be much appreciated as I'm sure that the elders sitting around the fire under the baobob tree in our Electronic Village are probably tired of my cookin'! I look forward to reading your five reasons when you have time. It took me over a month to respond to the tag when I rec'd it (smile)

peace, Villager

BloggingWriter said...

Great reasons to blog, Villager, and so nicely put.

Villager said...

Rethabile & Blogging Writer - Asante Sana! What would you say is your #1 reason to blog?

peace, Villager

Paula Neal Mooney said...

You're so cool, Wayne.

And I'm so vain that when you linked to "my sister," for a minute there I thought you mean me -- that's before I forgot your real sister blogs.

But I'm glad she got you into it. Your content is really good and I'm blessed to know you in the blogosphere.

Thanks for the link love as always,

Villager said...

Paula - The odd thing is that I've been so negligent in returning my sister's voice messages lately that if she sees the blog entry you referred to ... she will probably think I'm referring to YOU! (smile).

Keep blogging and setting an example for all the rest of us.

peace, Villager

Danielle said...

I joined the yahoo group and look forward to my daily digests. I really like learning new words as well I assume they are Swahili.

Keep doing what you do and I'll be here with you.

As always...

Villager said...

Danielle - I didn't realize that you were in the YG!

What would you say is the #1 reason that you blog (Modern Musings)?

peace, Villager

pearl said...

Hi villager.. I found you through BTF also but since Kim tagged me! Now if only I had the time to get that idea of tagging the BTF Toppers next :) Actually I was even thinking of that .. but heck.. you are already beating me in that contest LOL

I'm really impressed with the quality of your blog! will definitely be coming back to read more! please stop by when you get a chance...
tc and kit..

Danielle said...

I just joined thanks to this post. You should mention it more often my friend. The number one reason I started Modern Musings was to share my thoughts and writing, I never expected to find such a warm community awaiting them. I have taken the liberty of tagging you with a meme.

As always...

the teach said...

Find the reasons you blog very interesting...got side tracked and read your very impressive resume Wayne. And you say you're shy...I don't think so! :)

Enjoy your blog, villager!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne;
I started blogging as a way of meeting new people who I normally wouldn't have met otherwise. It's great, because you meet such a diverse community and there are so many wonderful people and blogs out there, such as your own.

I've had the opportunity to make some precious friends through my own blog and it's such a wonderful feeling knowing that there is a whole world out there at your doorstep to get to know!

Have a wonderful day!

Deborah said...

Great post Farrah :-)

Congrats on your first 5 months. I've only been doing this for a little over 2 months myself. Just as you, I didn't have a real plan when I started, but developed my style as I went along.

As someone who is basicaly quiet and shy as well, I aplaud you for your acocmplishments! I know full well what it takes to reach out past your own comfort zone. It's a must to succeed in blogging.

And to my wonderful friend Kim, if you beat me at BTF, it couldn't happen by a better person :-)

Sorry I couldn't take part in your meme, since I've already done this one a few weeks ago. I'm going to add you to my list in my post tho to share some linky love, and maybe others will come to read yours from mine.

Nice to meet you Farrah :-)

Villager said...

Pearl - Your avatar is great ... but, then again, I'm a fantasy & magic fan. I look forward to visiting your blog again this weekend ... and the BTF idea was spur of the moment (smile)!

Danielle - I appreciate you sharing your vibe on the YG. I will respond to your tag shortly.

peace, Villager

Villager said...

The Teach - Asante sana for the kind comments...and yes, I truly believe that I have the 'shy' gene in me.

Anna - Thank you for sharing your reason for blogging. There are some wonderful people out there in cyberspace and blogs bring them home to you in a much more personal way than normal websites do. I am glad that I took time to create this blog.

peace, Villager

Villager said...

Deborah - Your success on Blogging-to-Fame contest is all the more impressive because of the fact you are only in the blogosphere for two months. Truly remarkable.

Hmmmm...I don't get the "Farrah" comment?

peace, Villager

Kim said...

hi Wayne...(it is Wayne isn't it?)
you must be getting a small identity crises here...Kim Farrah.....what next...amazing what this BTF thing is doing to the minds of normally sane ..rational adults....congrats on your standing at BTF ...currently 6th position I believe ???
best wishes from Kim (the real one)

Shawn said...

Thanks Villager for letting me know about this post. I've been dealing with moving my blogging to the next level and given the amount of work and commitment needed, I had to ask myself why. Didn't think about putting it in a post. But I might. Will send you the link when I do.