September 2, 2007

Gov.Blanco Responds to Jena Six Pressure

I understand that part of the Jena 6 convictions have been reversed. However, the situation is still an example of small-town racist behavior much like we saw with the Scottsboro Boys. Click here if you need an overview of the Jena Six case.

Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco's statement re Jena 6 has been shared by her press office. She writes,

“I have received hundreds of calls, letters and emails from citizens concerned about the situation involving the case of the high school students in Jena, La. As Governor, as a citizen of the State of Louisiana, and as a mother, without rushing to judgment, I condemn racism in any form, and I fully expect that those involved in this case, including all parties, will act with fairness and in complete good faith.

“I must clear up a widespread misunderstanding of my authority in this case. Our State Constitution provides for three Branches of State Government - Legislative, Executive, and Judicial - and the Constitution prohibits anyone in one branch from exercising the powers of anyone in another branch. This issue is currently a matter in the Judicial System, and should those involved in this case suffer any defects, it is their right to address them in that system through the appeals court.

“Again, the oversight regarding how this case was handled, from arrest to prosecution, lies within the Justice System. Therefore, I have consulted Attorney General Charles Foti and Donald Washington, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana, regarding these events in Jena. As a result, General Foti has been and is in consultation with U.S. Attorney Washington and other members of the Justice System. Regardless of the outcome of this case, the Jena community has much healing ahead of it, and I urge all those citizens to come together for the common good of their community and their state. Our children deserve nothing less."

Villagers, have you ever seen such bureaucratic bullsh*t? The governor has the power to stop the prosecution of the Jena 6. She can drop all charges and pardon Mychal Bell. The governor must think that we are all as dumb as Booboo-the-fool. What good faith have we seen from the citizens or prosecutors in Jena? What is a rush to judgement when this racially-based prosecution has been allowed to proceed for almost a year.

It is no wonder that Gov. Blanco has been unable to rebuild New Orleans and other damages in her state from Hurricane Katrina. She is not much of a leader judging from her wimpy statement shown above.

Villagers, what say u? Will any of you be able to attend the march on September 20th?


Derrick said...

Assuming you saw my email, you know what I think about her pabulum.

Kathleen Blanco is aligning herself with southern governors of days gone by. I read her statement thinking, spoken like governor Wallace of Alabama.

I'm just waiting for her to come out and say "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!"

AJ said...

This case needs to be taken to another level and given some significant air time in main stream media to really get these racist fools in LA to do the right thing.

Derrick said...

Damn right AJ. And the young men need you to call, write, and email media outlets to urge them to do so:

Unknown said...

Yobachi & AJ - I have seen a marked increase in the mainstream media picking up of this story over the past few days ... including story on CNN yesterday. I imagine that the next big opportunity is 9/20/07. I hope that Gov. Blanco uses that date to show some leadership.

peace, Villager

Eddie G. Griffin said...


Office of the Governor
Attn: Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco
P.O. Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004

RE: The Healing of Jena

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dear Governor Blanco:

We are encouraged by your recognition of the problem in Jena . Recognizing that there is something terribly wrong in the prosecution of these six African-American youths may be more eye-opening than Hurricane Katrina. It is not something that will simply just blow over.

In your August 30 statement, you assert a condemnation of “racism in any form”. Wonderful! Racism in Louisiana should have disappeared many years ago. But putting your confidence in the hands of all “involved” parties- that they “will act with fairness and in complete good faith”- is not confidence equally shared by the African-American community around the nation nor, indeed, by the rest of the civilized world.

This thing should have never happened. This criminal prosecution should have never gone forward, considering that it was a high school problem grown out of racial tension. On whose side is the State of Louisiana and its public school system?

If justice in the state is as impartial as you alluded to in your statement, then it is the job of the governor to “insure” that everyone is treated fairly before the bar.

We agree with your assessment: The Jena community has much healing ahead of it. But the community cannot heal itself; otherwise, the situation would have never escalated out of hand to begin with.

Maybe the fact that you, at least, recognize the problem seems courageous enough. But Jena needs more than a governor with maternal instincts. Instead of urging “all those citizens to come together for the common good of their community and their state”, maybe you should take charge- not like in the aftermath of Katrina- but true out-front assertive leadership for the “common good of the state”.

When a community as divided as Jena cannot solve its own problems, the governor needs to either send in the National Guards, or get up off her fanny and go to Jena and call a town hall meeting.

Since September 20 is the sentencing date of young Mychal Bell and the date that thousands of people from around the world will converge on the town of Jena , this would be a politically opportune time to show the world what you are made of, as a leader.

Eddie Griffin
Black Accused Support Group (BASG)

Unknown said...

Eddie - Thank you for sharing the clear and concise respone to Gov. Blanco with our readers here in the Electronic Village. You are entirely on point. I pray that Gov. Blanco will 'get it'.

peace, Villager

Francis Holland said...

I just posted Eddie's letter at my blog. It sets just the right tone and balance of respectfulness, incredulousness, sarcasm, and encouraagement to show courage (instead of cowardice).

Edward Padgett said...

Here in Los Angeles KFI 640 AM radio ran the Jena Six story last Thursday morning (09.06.07), this was the first time I had heard any major media station broadcast something about this case.

On our blog we have links to the petition, and a very informative video from You Tube.

The media is controled by a handful of the rich, and is either afraid or is attempting to censor the truth.

As bloggers we can and will make a difference.


Unknown said...

I wonder what former Gov. Blanco is doing nowadays?