October 19, 2007

AfroSpear Blogger Field Negro In The News

I was in Los Angeles for the past week visiting with my family. I woke up the other morning and opened the paper to see one of my favorite bloggers in the Los Angeles Times! Click here to see the full article on the Field Negro.

Field (which is how I think of him) disclosed his true identity for the reporter. We now know that the brother is Wayne Bennett, a lawyer in Philadelphia PA. His blog gets over 1,200 hits each day. I admit that I check out the brother's blog each and every day. His posts are on point and usually give me a reason to smile.

Villagers have heard about Field in the past. I've nominated him in the past for a Blogging Star Award and a Thinking Blogger Award. He won the 2007 Black Weblog Award as the 'Best Political Blog' in the universe.

All of this recognition is well-deserved. The brother simply comes correct each and every time ... whether it is with his Coonies Award or his hard stance against the frat boy!

I am proud to be a colleague of Field through The AfroSpear. Field Negro currently stands at #23 on the growing list of Black Blogs that we are tracking each month. If he keeps getting this type of national pub ... he should be riding to #1 with a bullet.

Villagers, what are your thoughts on Field Negro (in particular) or The AfroSpear (in general)?


Martin Kaba said...

I missed that, anyway I'll check out Filed Negro's blog.

Unknown said...

Kanute - I guarantee that you will enjoy the vibe over in the Field!

g-e-m2001 said...

OH gosh. I was coming here to read about Field and Saw that I was quoted in the article. I am glad I was being nosy.

I was interviewed like two weeks ago. I didn't realize they had actually run an article.

Thanks for keeping up with Black bloggers!

Unknown said...

Gina - You just keep doing what you're doing. The rest of us are following your blog's lead!

Anonymous said...

Love the opportunity to network and vibe with the Afrospear and electronic village.

Saw the article and commented on his blog a few days back!

Unknown said...

Saba, Ink - Thanx for sharing your village voice with us!