October 4, 2007

Blog of the Day Award Winner

The Electronic Village honored with Blog of the Day Award on October 2, 2007. I must admit that it feels good to be recognized by others in the blogosphere for the time and effort that is placed into creating our village. Thank you to anyone that helped us receive this award. I encourage you to nominate others that you think worthy of this award. None of us are paid for the time we spend on these blogs ... so, it is nice when people take time to nominate or select us for these online honors.

Asante Sana!


Bill Austin said...


I have been reading you for a while, since we met online trhough one of Vincent Wright's linkedin groups, I believe.

I thought you had already won this award and when I found that you had not, I helped make the decision easy for the judges.

Keep up the good work.

I saw that you were entered in the Wizbang blog awards as well. Be sure to also figure out where you rank on the Truth Laid Bear Ecosphere categories and nominate yourself there.

I helped judge there last year and will be on the finalist selection committee again this year.

Thank you,

Unknown said...

Bill - You are a gentleman and a scholar! I have not heard of the Truth Laid Bear Ecosphere. I'll check it out based on your suggestion. I appreciate your visits to our village and encourage you to share your voice whenever the mood hits you!

plez... said...

CONGRATS, Villager! well deserved for you excellent posts!

Unknown said...

Plez - Asante sana! However, I think that there are many of our blogs deserving of these types of awards. Have you seen this Truth Laid Bear Ecosphere before?

Shelia said...

You deserve it Villager! You have created a wonderful conscientious site that I truly look forward to visiting. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Shelia - Thank you. I look forward to you winning many of these awards over time.

Believer said...

Congratulations! You are a human megaphone for your race and doing justice to all humanity by informing us.

Unknown said...

Rosemarie - You aren't the first to say that I have a big mouth (aka 'megaphone')!! Thanx for your kind words and your willingness to share your village voice with us regularly.