February 2, 2007

Cincinnati State of the City

Mark Mallory was sworn in as the 68th Mayor of the City of Cincinnati on December 1, 2005. Mayor Mallory’s election marks the first time in over 70 years that Cincinnati has elected a Mayor who was not previously a member of City Council. Mallory is also the first directly elected African American Mayor in Cincinnati’s history. Mayor Mallory is a life-long Cincinnatian, born and raised in the West End. He is a graduate of the Cincinnati Academy of Math and Science and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Administrative Management from the University of Cincinnati. Personally, I think that Mayor Mallory is a breath of fresh air in our town. I've lived here for most of the past 13 years and I think that he is a leader in all sense of the word. I don't know him personally. I've been in the audience on a couple of occassions when he was the speaker.

In any case, I enjoy the annual State of the Union exercise from our president. However, I've never paid much attention to the State of the City speeches put on by the Cincinnati mayor. Frankly, I don't even know if they have done them before. However, I see that Mayor Mallory gave a State of the City speech at a downtown venue earlier this week. Click here if you would like a copy of his speech. If you are more visual ... you can click here to see his speech online.

I would be interested in your comment on the part(s) of his speech that you found the most interesting.

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