November 17, 2007

AfroSpear Blogger Named One of 25 Most Influential African Americans

Villagers, share some love with Gina McCauley, What About Our Daughters blogger, for being recognized as one of 25 distinguished African Americans who have made a difference in 2007. Senator Barack Obama received the most votes in an online poll on, earning recognition as the "Readers' Choice" for the year's most influential African American. You will find Gina in the opening pages of the current issue of the magazine right across from Barack Obama in a half-page piece that features a very nice picture of our sister in blog.

"Some of the most poignant moments in African American history took place in 2007, from the unified stance that was taken in support of the Jena Six and the Rutgers University Women's Basketball team to the triumphant victory made by Barry Bonds," says Angela Burt-Murray, editor-in-chief, ESSENCE. "Making their voices heard on, the overwhelmingly positive response from our 8 million readers for Senator Obama as African American of the Year is noteworthy, as African American women are predicted to be the tipping point for the Black vote in the 2008 election."

The melange of influencers, ranging from actors and advocates to moguls and students, were compiled in a compelling feature of rarely seen photos and biographical profiles.

ESSENCE Magazine's
25 Most Influential List
  1. Senator Barack Obama - US Senator and Presidential Candidate
  2. Gina McCauley- Blogger,
  3. Tyler Perry - Writer, Producer, Director
  4. Majora Carter - Environmentalist, Founder, Executive Director, Sustainable South Bronx
  5. Victoria Lanier- Former Youth Director, NAACP, Northeast Region
  6. Reverend Jesse L. Jackson - Civil Rights Activist, Minister
  7. Reverend Al Sharpton - Civil Rights Activist and President, National Action Network
  8. The Jena Six
  9. Beyonce Knowles - Singer, Songwriter, Actress
  10. Oprah Winfrey - Media Mogul, School Founder
  11. Timbaland - Music Producer, Recording Artist
  12. Cory A. Booker - Mayor of Newark, New Jersey
  13. Lovie Smith - Head Coach, NFC Champions, Chicago Bears
  14. Tony Dungy - Head Coach, Super Bowl Champions, Indianapolis Colts
  15. Deval Patrick - Governor, Massachusetts
  16. Don Cheadle - Actor, Activist
  17. Shonda Rhimes - Creator, Executive Producer, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice
  18. Venus Williams - Tennis Champion
  19. Charles Rangel - Chairman, House Committee on Ways and Means
  20. Barry Bonds - "Home Run King"
  21. Cynthia Tucker - Syndicated Columnist, Editorial Page Editor, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  22. The Scarlet Knights - Rutgers University Women's Basketball Team, NCAA Finalists
  23. Kiri Davis - Filmmaker, Youth Activist
  24. Bishop T.D. Jakes - Founder, Senior Pastor, The Potter's House of Dallas
  25. Steve Harvey - Radio Personality, Comedian, Actor

Do any of the other folks on this list have a blog? If so, we should encourage them to join The AfroSpear!


Woozie said...

A triumphant victory by Barry bonds? I take it this was written before he was indicted.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm surprised Tom Joyner did not make the list!

Unknown said...

Woozie - Barry Bonds was a surprise for me. Even without the indictment it surprised me that ESSENCE readers thought he was influential.

Anon - It is difficult to make a list without leaving talented and qualified people off of it. Did Tom Joyner do anything particularly remarkable in 2007 in your view?

plez... said...

what is the definition of "influential"? this list looks more like people who had media attention for various reasons (some good, some not so good), but i'm a bit perplexed as to their influence.

Unknown said...

Plez - I don't know the process used by Essence Magazine. I figure it is simply a way to get people to put their eyeballs on the magazine. Do you have a better idea for "influential"? I would be honored to create the PlezWorld/Electronic Village Top 25 Most Influential African Americans list. We can issue a press release and watch the world beat a path to our blogs (smile)!