March 29, 2009

Taser Death: Marcus Moore (Freeport IL)

It appears that the police continue to abuse the rules laid out in the Continuum of Force policy. As a result, we find another Black man killed by police use of a taser gun. This time it occurs in Freeport, IL.

40-year-old Marcus D. Moore is dead from extra-judicial execution.

Freeport Police say Moore was wanted for robbery. When they tracked him down Thursday night, they say he fought with authorities, causing them to use the taser gun. Shortly after, Moore complained of being unable to breathe. He was taken to Rockford Memorial Hospital and was later pronounced dead.

Freeport police think Moore was on drugs at the time of his arrest and that taser use was warranted. Then again, what else would they say?

Villagers, I accept that Marcus Moore did wrong by robbing somebody. And it appears that he has a history of criminal activity in Freeport. On the other hand, Freeport police have such a poor record of dealing with African Americans that their deputy chief of police felt a need to speak out about recent racist actions.

In any case, Marcus Moore was a citizen of the United States of America. Death is not the penalty for being a petty thief in America ... not even Freeport IL.


Anonymous said...

It really is pathetic that after the election of Barack Obama you people still feel the need to make up bullshit accusations of racism.

The fact is (from what I've read) the only time a taser ever causes something like this is when someone is on coke.

So before you start the pointing the finger at the "racist" police perhaps you should educate black people about drug abuse.

Unknown said...

Jake - I just share information that isn't readily available from the mainstream media on these taser torture cases. You are factually incorrect when you say that these taser deaths "only" occur when the murdered person is on coke. The young 16-year old in Warren MI wasn't on coke ... and he is dead.

Anyhow, I appreciate your passion and your right to an opinion. Although we disagree ... I hope you find reason to visit again in the future!

Anonymous said...

Being closely related to this case I can say that this is NOT just another "racist" cop story. As the story unfolds in courts Villager is right on the money this time.