April 18, 2009

Police Taser 50-Year Old Naked Man to Death in Tucson

Villagers ... it looks like the police killed another person with their non-lethal taser.

The Tucson Police Department responded to a complaint about too much noise in a hotel room. They opened the door and found 50-year-old Gary Decker naked in the bathroom holding a seat that he had apparently torn from the toilet.

An officer tased Decker with 50,000 volts of electricity when Decker grabbed one of the officers. Officers were able to handcuff Decker and remove him from the bathroom. Decker died while in their custody.

Decker had been in town for roughly a week for a temporary job as a furniture liquidator. He lived in Kentucy.

Now he is dead. Does anyone truly think that police officers couldn't contain a 50-year old naked guy in a hotel bathroom without resorting to deadly force?

When do the police catch on that tasers shouldn't be used because they are too lazy to abide by the 'use of force continuum'?

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