August 3, 2009

Missing or Murdered Sisters (MOMS)

Village drumbeats from Symphony led us to the Missing or Murdered Sisters (MOMS) crew down in North Carolina. MOMS is a grassroots organization that brings attention to missing and murdered Black women.

They recently paid for a billboard in Rocky Mount, NC to focus attention on the plight of nine Black women. Over the past four years 5 black women have been found dead, one is still unidentified. Three other woman are missing.

Lamar Advertising gave the community group a significant discount on the billboards. The signs will stay up for at least a month. Supporters said they hope to raise more money to keep them up longer, if needed.

We’re just trying to raise the public’s awareness about what’s been going on,” Wiggins said. “These women are all someone’s daughter or someone’s sister, and we need the community to rally together to help bring this to an end.”
VILLAGER'S VIEW: This group, MOMS, is providing all of us with a powerful example. If we see a problem ... take action. Do what you can do with what you have to make a difference. I wonder if we are willing to learn from their example?

What say u?

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Unknown said...

when i was ten i lived in agusta gorgia when all them lil blk kids was coming up missing and murdered in , NC & Agusta gorgia and now i watch on the history channel how they believe they are still hanging blk men out in the south and now this blog! its sad think no matter how far we come as a cumminty or culter we have not came as far as we think . my heart goes out to these lady's and there familys children .