July 6, 2010

Sangamon County Sheriff Provides New Training for His Taser-Killing Deputies

Patrick Burns was electrocuted with multiple 50,000 volt shocks from various taser guns shot by Sangamon County police officers in January. The Sangamon County coroner's office ruled that Burns died due to excited delirium.

No action has been taken against the police officers that killed Mr. Burns. Sheriff Neil Williamson says his deputies didn't do anything wrong.

With that as background, Williamson did think it would be a good idea to avoid future lawsuits by giving his officers updated taser training. He brought in Lt. Michael Paulus of the Champaign Police Department to train Sangamon County deputies. Paulus will try to teach Williamson's deputies how to arrest suspects believed to be in a state of excited delirium. [SOURCE]

Over 80 people have been killed by taser-happy police officers around the country in the past 18 months. This is one of the first police departments involved in these taser-killings trying to do something proactive ... and for that we are grateful to Sheriff Williamson.

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