October 13, 2010

Taser Death: Ryan Bain (Billings, MT)

It happened again. This time in Billings, Montana. Apparently the law enforcement community in Billings really object to seeing the human form.

Ryan Bain was running down the street without any clothes on.

John Smith, an OFF-DUTY sheriff's deputy was driving down the street and saw the nude man. Deputy Smith called in the incident to the police department before jumping out of his van to chase Bain.

During the chase ... the naked man gave the deputy the okey-doke and ended up in the deputy's van, which the deputy had left running. Bain took off in the van. However, he wasn't a good driver and the van crashed into a parked car a few blocks away. By the time Deputy Smith caught up with Bain, his van was messed up and he was pissed off.

At least two other (on-duty) police officers arrived on the scene at this point.  One of those police officers was Sgt. Pat Curry. The next thing we know Bain is being electrocuted at least three times by the officers.

Anyhow, Bain was taken into police custody and transported to the Yellowstone County Detention Facility. Evidently, he wasn't respectful enough of the officers in the jailhouse ... they felt a need to jolt another 50,000 volts of electricity into the naked man (who was presumably clothed by this time). Bain was placed in a holding cell at this time.

At some point later the jailhouse officers found Bain suffering for a cardiac arrest while in the holding cell. He was then taken to St. Vincent Healthcare, where the Yellowstone County coroner confirmed that Bain died on Tuesday.

Please let us know if you have any other details that can be shared on this taser-related death.


Unknown said...

He was also confined in a restraining chair and obviously physically beaten by these police. Ryan was a high school friend of mine,and a father of four. He needed help! And instead he was murdered by people who are supposed to serve and protect. Trying to cover their own hides, police are releasing details about a completely unrelated prior arrest ~ adding all the more to the suffering and humiliation of his family and his babies who have all lost their dad. If they don't fire or discipline these officers appropriately I will have absolutely no SHRED of respect for the BPD.456

Unknown said...

Lisa - I noticed that many of the news articles go into details about his past arrests ... and the fact that he was tased six times during his last arrest.

I am also surprised that the taser-happy cops are not on paid leave. That usually happens in these taser-related killings. I see that the Billings police chief was clear on fact that his officers were still working.

I'm very sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with Mr. Bain's family and friends as they deal with his unexpected death.

P.S. -- please let me know if you have better digital photo of Mr. Bain that I can use on this blog post for posterity.