December 26, 2010

President and First Lady Spend Part of Christmas With Troops

As a buddy of mine noted yesterday, it appears that President Obama "has his mojo back!"

The president and first lady took some time out of their vacation to visit with some members of the military and their families during Christmas dinner at Anderson Hall on Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe, Hawaii.  The Obamas shook hands, posed for pictures, admired babies and chatted with Marines and their families in the mess hall decked out in Christmas decorations for about 40 minutes.

The Obama's own Christmas dinner at their oceanfront vacation home included steak, roasted potatoes and green beans, with pie for dessert. I guess the White House chef in Hawaii didn't have what it takes to give the Obama family some collard greens or mustard greens for his Christmas dinner?!?
"The first family is enjoying family and friends, enjoying their traditional Christmas Day activities and taking in a little NBA basketball," said White House spokesman Bill Burton.
I hope that they were out at the military base during the Lakers-Heat game. Man, what a waste of time that game turned out to be!

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