January 22, 2008

Can Barack Obama Unify America?

Politics is not for the weak. One of best political moments that I've experienced in my life occured earlier this month when Barack Obama gave a remarkable victory speech after winning the Iowa Caucus. One of the worst political moments occurred this past week as I watched former president Bill Clinton support the candidacy of his wife by engaging in a persistent campaign of subtle and not-so-subtle racial attacks on Obama.

Yesterday, Obama was a guest at the Atlanta, GA church home of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Obama's prepared remarks show me again why he is the right person to become our next US President. Obama speaks to the concept of unity. The concept of unity (or umoja) is one of the principles that many Villagers support. It is difficult for me to see our nation being unified under Hillary Clinton. Too many people have too many negative feelings about her ... and her husband. On the other hand, I sense that our nation can become unified under Barack Obama.

Take a moment to check out his speech in honor of MLK Day.

What say u? Do you think that this is a person that could unify our nation ... that can help us move closer to MLK's dream? Can Barack Obama unify our nation?


Marvalus said...

Thank you, Villager, for posting this video...

I am truly convinced that he has been chosen...some people are merely in it for the love of the game (you know?), but he seems so different, so true, so passionate that it can only be explained by the fact that this is his purpose...

Unknown said...

Ms. Marvalus - I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I worry about whether our country is truly ready for the idea of a Black president. The issue of race and color in America is still largely unresolved for many. I'm hopeful that Obama can regain the magic that we saw while he was in Iowa and New Hampshire. Time will tell...

Anonymous said...

Msmarvalus said, "...he seems so different, so true, so passionate..." and I quite agree. Obama is a much needed breath of fresh air and I sincerely believe he can and is uniting folks from all walks. He particularly resonatew with the youth of our country (my sons included). We need for the next generation to become passionately involved if things are to change for the BETTER. Enjoy your blog.

Peace, Kat

Anonymous said...

PS sorry for the typo..should be resonates :-)

Unknown said...

Kat - I'm thinking that the Democrats are going to eventually settle on a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket at their convention. What would you think of either combination?

maryt/theteach said...

Villager, I want Obama for President...but he just can't engage in sqabbling (just as Hillary shouldn't) as he did just recently. After that victory speech in Iowa I wish I could have voted for him right then. He must be bigger than Hillary...don't let her drag him down into the mud of squabbling. I believe he's a different politician, a caring and sympathetic man who wants the best for our country...

Anonymous said...

Good Post!


He was at the debate last night, and brings an interesting take on what was going on behind the scenes - an interesting read.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't think entire link I just posted is showing. So I will post his myspace page profile - and the blog link is on the right hand side of the page.

Davey was at the debate - and you won't believe what was happening behind the scenes.

just look for last night's presidential debate blog link

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone can anymore, I think the era of one America is over. I think multi-culturalism has taken affect and the views are very diverse, yet equally important.

Unknown said...

Teach - I agree that the Iowa victory speech is one that I will remember for many years to come ... especially if Obama is elected as our POTUS. I also agree that he needs to get back on his game ... I think that his debate performance last night in South Carolina was important. He often is not very forceful in these televised debates ... last night he was forceful ... and I thought he dominated the second half of the debate. Anyhow, it should be a memorable election cycle.

Anon - Thanx for sharing the link to Davy D's blog. I'll check it out shortly.

Mrs. Grapevine - I'm not sure that I'm ready for a nation that remains divided as much as we've been divided in the past 15 years or so. That is one of the reasons that I think it is time to end the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton royal monarchy.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Good point, because that could be 24 - 28 years of Bush(4)-Clinton(8)-Bush(8)-Clinton(?). It's definitely time for a change, these two families got a monopoly on the White House.

Vanessa said...

Thank you for posting this video. Obama is definitely ready to lead America but is America ready to allow him to do so?

He is so much better for the country than ALL of the other candidates - Republican and Democrat.

Unknown said...

Mrs. Grapevine - The scary thing is that there are other members of the Bush family that would be legitimate candidates for the presidency in 2008 or 2012. We've got to get off this rollercoaster now!

Vanessa - I agree that Obama appears to be the best hope for our nation in this year's pack of candidates ... but, he must not reduce himself to the level of his competition. He has to rise above it. I think that his loss in New Hampshire may have scared him and his campaign leaders ... he has been off-message since then.

Jim.Legington said...


Thanks for the Post and Barack Obama can bring unity in America
as a believer In the Mindset of God
Is Love, God Is Good, God Is One.
Hope is by the grace of God Almighty.
God is getting ready to turn it around, Compassion and righteousness is His Will.

Question for all Americans is this:
Can we agree, Peers of Love...Win
It's Christ in You, the hope of glory. Unity can happen on the inside, that's what Barack Obama is sharing and truth will forever speak. If there was any power greater than understanding God is Love, it would have been from God.

Notice the Pure Love of Jesus Christ,
now abides faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. Here is the
common ground, God Bless Everyone!

Bishop Noel Jones preaching with power In Our Lord Jesus Christ. God Is Love, God Is Good, God Is One. Be Blessed always...Peace! Can We agree, Peers of Love...Win!
Our Motto:
"Together We Stand Blessed"Hallelujah!
Presented by Path of Life Newsletter-Faithworks
Sunday-January 13, 2008. God Bless You!

Unknown said...

Yes He Can!