January 4, 2008

Will Bill Richardson Become the Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson for Hispanics?

I think that Bill Richardson is an honorable man. He is a lifetime politician who has a strong resume. Nobody else from either party can talk about experience in national politics as governor, Secretary of Energy, US Ambassador to the United Nations and a 14-year congressman. He participated in 24 presidential debates over the past few months. He was a strong advocate for ending the war and bringing our troops home from Iraq. He also felt strongly about the need for a comprehensive energy policy.

However, he never got traction with voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. As such, he pulled out of the presidential campaign today. He joins Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton as a former presidential candidate. Jackson and Sharpton have been treated as the 'de facto spokespersons' for any and every issue impacting on the Black community since they became former presidential candidates. Others have noted the same thing. If something happens tomorrow morning that impacts on the Black community ... then the mainstream media will use their speed dial to contact Jackson or Sharpton for a comment.

Now that Richardson is the first Hispanic person to run a credible campaign for national office ... and he is now a former presidential candidate ... I wonder if he will become the face of the Hispanic community within the mainstream media?.

Did you ever wonder why no other community has so-called national spokespersons like we are given by the mainstream media in our Black community. If the Asian community jumps off into some controversy ... who does the mainstream media call? If the Italian community is upset by a movie that portrays their culture in a negative light ... who does the mainstream media call?

Villagers, will the mainstream media call on Bill Richardson the next time there is a national crisis in the Hispanic community now that he is a former presidential candidate? What say u?


Liz Dwyer said...

Of course not. He won't be put in a position to speak for his Latino brothers and sisters, and can I tell you how two people I've talked to who didn't realize he's Latino. They thought he just had on a lot of self-tanner. "How is his name Bill Richardson?" Yeah. Total idiots...

Anyway, I think he's holding out to be made Secretary of State by whatever Democrat ends up being elected.

Dr. Tracey Salisbury said...

Interesting question. I co-sign a bit with the first post, but I think he has a good chance to be a spokesperson, but he's going to have to step it up.

I would not be surprised if he gets a gig, but failing to endorse someone right away, dampens those opportunities.

clnmike said...

I was not aware he was a hispanic, are hipanics aware of that?

The thing abot hipanics is that they are as diverse as Americans are.

Afro latinos, Mexicans, South Americans, Caribbean, White, Native, on and on.

And they seem to all make it very clear there is a difference amoung them.

I do not think they are unified as we think so a spokesperson would be useless for them.

But since he did run for president I can see the media drafting him as the Latino spokesman, the question is does he want it.

Unknown said...

Liz, Prof Tracey & CLN Mike - Thanks for sharing your village voice. I was just wondering is all (smile)...

SheCodes said...

I knew he was hispanic, and was surprised about why he was never included in a black man/white woman/hispanic guy first as president argument.

I guess if his name sounded more ethnic it might have helped. Pity, because he sounded more experienced and sensible than all of the others in the debates.

Anonymous said...


Ron Paul will pardon all blacks in prison for victimless crimes.