October 20, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

We asked villagers about possible Colin Powell endorsement back in April. It turns out that Powell waited until today to make that endorsement. His endorsement of Barack Obama should go a long way to attracting moderates and wayward Republicans to the Democratic presidential candidate. [Video]

Over the years, Powell himself has been touted as a potential presidential or vice presidential candidate. The former national security adviser served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. He was secretary of state for the younger President Bush.

His tenure is most notable for presenting to the U.N. Security Council evidence that Iraq was pursuing weapons of mass destruction. His presentation led to a resolution endorsing military action against that country. He later described his role as a "blot" on his record.

It seems difficult to say that Obama doesn't have the experience to serve as our POTUS when people like Warren Buffet and Gen. Powell are endorsing him for the office.


clnmike said...

I am sorry but he waits till now?

The writing is on the walll there are no undecided voters, what you have is people who dont want to say who they are voting for.

Powell took the easy way out and played the side lines while every one else was in the game.

Shelia said...

I'm glad to see Powell endorse Obama, particularly at this point. Just when McCain and a number of Republicans are spewing their worst, one of their staunch members comes out to say that they are wrong AND that he doesn't support McCain's pick of the very non-presidential Sarah Palin. I think that this deals a powerful blow to the McCain/Palin antics.

The timing was perfect. Now watch Republicans turn on Powell. Oh, and you can bet your bottom dollar that he'll no longer be described as Republican, he's Black now.

Anonymous said...

This is HUGE for the Obama camp by getting a seal of approval from one of the most respected military men to be found. But I suspect his endorsement won't dent the hardcore GOP folks who only look at Powell's centrist tendencies and - most of all - his color. Chances are, the folks who attack Obama because of his race and his "being a Muslim" could care less about another black person endorsing Obama -- even if that person is Colin Powell.

- Andre

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Powell may still be respected as a military man, but he has lost the respect of many for good reasons:
1. He allowed himself to be used to get us into a pre-emptive, illegal and unilateral war;
2. Once we got there, he failed to criticize the Bush administration for keeping us there, for making us occupiers of another people's land;
3. Once he figured out that the info he provided to get us into Iraq was bogus, he refused to apologize to the American people or, more importantly, to the Iraqi people;
4. He failed to back up Obama about the question of the surge. Remember Obama said there were a host of factors that resulted in a reduction of violence, and not just the introduction of more soldiers (Maktador's order of a ceasefire, driving Sunnis out of the country, etc.) Powell knew this but he never said a word.
5. He was mum before the financial crisis when McCain was either even or ahead of Obama.

Look, it's nice to get the endorsement. It may be timely to some, but it's suspect to me. I see him jumping on a bandwagon now that it's rolling. He didn't help when it wasn't moving.

Unknown said...

Mike - I disagree with you on the timing of the endorsement. My view is that Obama campaign is building things up towards Nov 4th. Obama had 175,000 people in St. Louis area yesterday; he has Powell endorsement today; he'll have 30 minutes on television a few days before the campaign. If there are any undecideds or 'commander-in-chief' worried folks out there ... Colin Powell seems to ease their fear and give them a reason to vote for Obama.

Shelia - Deep, "..he'll no longer be described as Republican, he's Black now". Do you think he would be useful in Obama's cabinet?

Andre - I guess if the three choices for Powell were (a) endorse Obama, (b) endorse McCain or (c) endorse nobody ... it is nice he choice (A)!

MacDaddy - You may be right. However, I recall that Powell met publically with Obama last year at the beginning of his campaign. I suspect that Powell has been in the back pocket of the Obama campaign and they just waited for a strategic moment to unleash him...

SjP said...

When you asked that question back in April, I said then that I felt that Powell had in fact all but endorsed Obama then. So, can I say "I told you so"? LOL.

Yep! Just as I predicted!

BTW, I voted yesterday and was inspired to post about it here. I invite you and other villagers to stop by and read about my experience.

clnmike said...

So Powell is supposed to be the nail in the coffin?


Unknown said...

Sojourner - Should we take your psychic abilities to the roulette table next? (smile)

Mike - Nope. The nail will come from the voters on Nov 4th!

SjP said...

Villager, now that's funny! Really funny! LOL!

Shelia said...

I do think that he would be a useful member of Obama's cabinet Villager. Powell has for the most part been his own man. We saw a kink in his armour with this Iraq War situation. But we also saw him take his dignity back over time and separation from the Bush administration.

I've always admired and respected Powell, I believe that he is a genuinely decent, caring and honorable man...let alone all of his military and political experience.

Powell is committed to the betterment of this country and that could only serve to help Obama.