January 27, 2009

Global President

He's been in office for a week. How do you think the rest of the world is seeing him now?


Anonymous said...


The world LOVES him, especially after the Bush Dark Ages. Just check out his first interview that he gave after becoming president. He gave it to the Arab world's top station!

Talk about change..

LB said...

The world has its' eye on America waiting on us to lead. I hope we will. We are in perilous times! Thanks for posing this question.

SjP said...

I think the world is in a state of great expectation and expectations. But, I tell you, it seems as though he has done more in 7 days that Bush did in 8 years.

Black on Campus said...

I think the rest of the world is saying "so far so good." He's done nothing this week but live up to his campaign promises; and he's tried to increase standards of honesty and transparency all the while.

I have to echo what SjP said. He has already proven himself to be a better leader than Bush, and he's only been at it for a week.

Unknown said...

Keith - I think that America is safer if the Muslim world (in general) realizes that we are not their enemy and that we are not so arrogant as to tell them to model their form of government after our democracy. Anyhow, I agree ... the world does admire Obama very much.

LaTonya - Yes, this is one of the critical times in world history. I think that President Obama is up to the challenge.

Sojourner & Ajuan - I agree. He truly has been more presidential and engaged in his first 7 days than Bush. No doubt!

Monica Roberts said...

It's a toss up as to who loves our 'Brother President' more right now, us, the people of the African Diaspora or the rest of the planet.