September 25, 2009

Old School Friday: Jimmy Castor Bunch

This blog supports weekly meme known as Old School Friday. We use this opportunity to reach back into our musical memories for songs from the last millennium ... old school songs. This week the theme is A TRIBUTE TO _____!.

I'm giving my tribute to Jimmy Castor. Castor started as a doo-wop singer in New York. Castor then replaced Frankie Lymon in The Teenagers in 1957 before switching to the saxophone in 1960. He formed the Jimmy Castor Bunch in 1972 and signed with RCA.

The Jimmy Castor Bunch reached the peak of their commercial success in 1972 with the release of their album, It's Just Begun, which featured two hit singles: the title track and "Troglodyte (Cave Man)".

Any villagers out there who still remember the Troglodyte song?


PPR_Scribe said...

OK, you have me LOLing about "Troglodyte"! Yes, I do recall that song (though not your second pick). Thanks for that!

I gotta say, when I first saw your post in my RSS reader, I thought you were doing a musical tribute to Jimmy Carter. LOLOL! Alas, you were not, but allow me to dedicate your first pick to the former President for calling out all those cavemen/women who still cannot get used to the idea of a Black POTUS!

iriegal said...

Oh now you didn't ...ROTFL
you busted out "Troglodyte" I remember that song so well.

Unknown said...

PPR_Scribe - No, this wasn't a tribute to Jimmy Carter, although I agree with you about his statement last week! I tried like heck to find Jimmy Castor's other song, 'Big Bertha Butts' ... but, I couldn't find it anywhere.

IrieGal - I actually deleted my first choice ... Blue Magic ... in favor of Jimmy Castor. I'll give Blue Magic some love in the future...

Anonymous said...

Oh man, Villager,no you didn't. TROGLODYTE!??!!@#?
Man I was crackin up listening to this. I'd forgoten all about that tune. Used to love it. Me and my buddies used to go around mimicking that voice and making up our wn lyrics to it. That really was a fun song.

And thanks for the brief history lesson about the Jimmy Castor Bunch. Didn't know all of that about them

Happy OSF!

msladyDeborah said...

I am always amazed at the songs that people remember during OSF! Troglodyte is one of those tunes that I haven't heard in a loooong time!

This was a good selection for this week's OSF theme.

CCG said...

OK, Playa; U went THERE!!!



Unknown said...

LOL!! Now that is "VINTAGE"!! I remember Troglodyte and Bertha Butt Boogie (I remember the album cover for BBB more so than the actual song)!
Again, I say very vintage!!

Marvalus said...

I don't think I've ever heard of Jimmy Castor or this I learned something new this week!

Happy OSF!

Unknown said...

Keith - I wish that I could have found 'Bertha Butts'!!! :)

Lady D, CCG & Regina - Asante sana! Glad that you enjoyed the selection this week.

Marva - Hmmm, I guess that we've now proven that you are much younger than me! Anyone in junior high or high school in 1972 had to know about 'Troglodytes'. Did you know about 'Bertha Butts'?