September 26, 2009

Taser Death Grand Jury: Kevin LaDay (Lumberton TX)

Hardin County district attorney David Sheffield gave the taser-killing case of 35-year old Kevin LaDay to the grand jury.

LaDay is one of the 36 people taser-killed by police this year in America. According to Lumberton (TX) police, LaDay ran from them when they tried to do a field sobriety test. Police used a Taser on him during a struggle and he died at a hospital.
An autopsy report released by Justice of the Peace Vi McGinnis indicated LaDay died from PCP toxicity and his death was ruled accidental.

The family claims officers beat LaDay. The county autopsy showed no evidence of that. LaDay's family had a second autopsy done and an attorney for the family said there were discrepancies with the first autopsy.

It is now up to the grand jury to determine if officers acted properly. When the grand jury is finished with the case the FBI will send its report to the Justice Department.

Personally, I hope that it is enough to gain the attention of Congressional Black Caucus. I want them to hold hearings. How about you?


Gunfighter said...

WHy would this case lead to hearings? Because the family claimed that the cops beat the guy?

Unknown said...

Gunfighter - Evidently the family's claims have some sway with the district attorney. Otherwise why would the case be going to the grand jury?

re: congressional hearings. 39 people have been killed with taser involvment. That is a dead person each week of this calendar year with taser guns. That is a reason for congressional hearings.