December 25, 2009

Taser Death: Preston Bussey III (Rockledge FL)

Rockledge (FL) police officers thought it was a good idea to use two taser guns to pump 50,000 volts EACH into 41-year old Preston Bussey III in their efforts to subdue him at Wuesthoff Hospital. Bussey died on the spot. [SOURCE]

Bussey was being involuntarily admitted to the Wuesthoff Hospital for psychological examination. He didn't want to be admitted to the hospital and expressed his displeasure to hospital officials. The hospital contacted Rockledge police for support in getting Bussey to his room.

Several police officers unsuccessfully attempted to persuade Bussey to follow a doctor’s directions. Bussey refused, and after repeated warnings to comply "two officers then deployed their electronic control devices (Tasers)."

It is not clear whether Bussey was shocked with both Tasers at the same time.

The taser-happy police officers are on administrative duty while the investigation continues.

Bussey's cousin Counselo Cotton said Bussey was a slender 6-foot-4 man who could have been subdued by two or three officers.
"Regardless of his mental state, regardless of the injuries, they didn't have to Tase him," Cotton said. "It wasn't like he could have wrestled those cops to the ground."
After being shocked with multiple taser guns, Bussey was restrained in the emergency room. He was administered medication by hospital employees and placed on a gurney, police said in a report. Shortly thereafter, personnel noticed that Bussey was not breathing. He was taken into a treatment room where he was pronounced dead.

The state of Florida felt Preston Bussey III needed their help to deal with mental illness issues. Instead of being a positive force for good ... the police killed this 41-year old man. Police don't appear to have any ability to subdue people without pulling out their taser guns. Bussey was unarmed. Why did the police need to kill him?

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