January 23, 2010

Taser Cops Daniel Fry and Sean McCormick Back at Work After Killing Douglas Boucher

I see that Officers Daniel Fry and Sean McCormick, the two Mason police officers who killed a man with their taser last month are back on the job. [SOURCE]

Mason Police Chief Mike Kelly says he reinstated the officers because he's convinced they did nothing wrong.

A coroner's report shows 39-year old Douglas Boucher died from a skull fracture when his head hit the ground after officers used a taser on him on December 13. The officers attempted to revive Boucher, but he was pronounced dead at the West Chester Medical Center.

It amazes me how basic cause-and-effect logic doesn't embarrass the Powers-That-Be when they try to cover up for the police in these taser-related killings. For example, the coroner says that Mr. Boucher dies from a skull fracture when he hit his head on the ground.

Of course, he never falls to the ground if the police don't overreact by using their taser in the first place. When you have 50,000 volts of electricity pumped through your body ... it is hard to maintain your balance.


He fell and smashed his skull. Powers-That-Be tell us that this death was the fault of the victim ... had nothing to do with the taser blast ... and we believe them?

Powers-That-Be don't even try to use commonsense in these taser-related killings. Mr. Boucher flirts with a gas station attendant ... and a few minutes later he is tasered ... then he is dead. And the Powers-That-Be put the taser-killing cops back on the job as if nothing happened?
What is wrong with this picture?


tate said...

hey idiot cops must do what they have too. no matter what. the guy was crazy and went chasing after a cashier so they tazed him after many times telling him to stop or they would taze him this is completely the crazy guys fault get the facts. and he was fat maybe if he wasn't so fat not so much weight would have thrown him forward thus he wouldn't have hit his head he might still be alive if he just didn't got to MacDonald as much im sorry he is gone but it is his fault move on

Unknown said...

Tate - Your compassion for human life is remarkably missing...

tina said...

villager- where is ur compation for the girl he chased after. it wasnt flirting. he tryed to attack her