January 28, 2010

Taser Death: Patrick Burns (Sangamon County, IL)

Patrick Burns, 50, was tased 15 times by Sangamon County deputies, after they were called to the scene of a residential break-in. When they arrived at the 1400 block of North Wesley Street in Grandview, they found Patrick Burns in the yard, dressed only in a shirt and underwear. He had sustained cuts from allegedly breaking into a house.

A guy standing around in his skivvies and the police feel a need to pump 50,000 volts of electricity into him 15 times ... and they wonder why he died?

Deputies later learned that Burns lived nearby and reportedly had been involved in a domestic dispute.

After he allegedly refused deputies commands and resisted, deputies shot Patrick Burns with a Taser stun gun multiple times.

A nurse at the hospital said he had been tased 15 times.

I don’t understand why a person needs to be Tased 15 times. Especially when they’re unarmed," Richard Burns, the brother of Patrick Burns said.
The sheriff’s office called in Illinois State Police to review how the situation was handled. Sheriff Neil Williamson has said he stands behind the deputies and their multiple taser gun shots.

Burns was taken to Memorial Medical Center, where his condition deteriorated. Burns died on January 28. Burns was an internal auditor for the Illinois Department of Central Management Services and formerly worked for the Illinois Department of Transportation. He is survived by two daughters and numerous other family members.
Family members say they had a private autopsy done but haven't received any results. Richard Burns said the autopsy requested by the family was conducted by two certified forensic pathologists.

I can't recall another case where the police shot a guy 15 times. Unbelievable that the autopsy wasn't inconclusive. However, it is less surprising when you realize that the Sangamon County police find taser gun activity to be funny. This video is from the same police department that placed the following video on the Internet.

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