July 1, 2011

Call For Papers: International Men's Day

Over 50 nations throughout our global village will observe International Men’s Day under the theme “Giving Boys The Best Possible Start In Life” on Saturday, November 19, 2011.

Created in 1999 by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, a faculty member in the History Department at the University of West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago, International Men’s Day celebrates and honors the sacrifices that men make to our families, communities, and our world. International Men’s Day shares a 48-hour partnership with Universal Children’s Day which is observed worldwide on 20 November of each year and is endorsed by the United Nations.

To commemorate 2011 International Men’s Day, In Search of Fatherhood has issued a CALL FOR PAPERS and welcomes submissions from educators, CEOs, legislators, legal professionals, law enforcement professionals, Fatherhood and Men’s Issues Practitioners and Advocates, health care professionals and providers, social entrepreneurs, religious leaders, social services professionals and providers, journalists, family and marriage therapists, members of the judiciary, and students which, among other things, design new initiatives or identify existing initiatives which provide a blueprint for how we can give “Boys The Best Possible Start In Life” throughout our global village.

The initiatives should address one of the following five challenges which have been identified as areas that are problematic for boys and young males throughout our global village:
  1. EDUCATIONAL FOCUS: Why are boys in richer countries underperforming girls and also less likely to be in education, and why are tens of millions of boys in poorer countries still not completing a primary education? How can we address truancy, and poor literacy rates which leave boys prone to adult unemployment, substance abuse, obesity, depression, and poverty? What action can we take to focus on boys’ education in way that gives them the best possible start in life and closes the gaps between girls and boys and rich boys and poor boys?
  2. HEALTH AND LIFE EXPECTANCY: Why are boys around the world more likely to die before the age of five and why do boys in every continent look forward to a much shorter life than girls? What are the reasons for boy’s higher likelihood of suicide? What action can we take to give boys the best possible start in life and help them live longer, happier, healthier lives?
  3. REAL LIFE CHOICES: How can we make sure that every boy has opportunities to make a range of positive life choices in terms of work, family and leisure and reduce the number of boys whose life choices are limited and end up poor, illiterate, unemployed, homeless, imprisoned and isolated? What action can we make to help every boy get the best possible start in life and make a positive transition form boy to man that makes the world a better place for everyone? 
  4. RIGHTS TO FATHERHOOD: How can we give boys a right to family life that gives them an equal opportunity to know and experience both their father and mother and ensure that their role as a future father is equal to a girls role as future mother. What actions can we take to give every boy an equal right to fatherhood?
  5. TOLERANCE OF VIOLENCE: Why are we so tolerant of violence and abuse against men and boys and why do we still tolerate a world where we send boys to fight the wars among adults? What actions can we take to help boys’ grow up free from violence and challenge our collective tolerance and support of violence against men and boys?
Submissions should be sent via e-mail to D.A. Sears, Managing Editor – IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD.  Inquiries can be made by telephone at (267) 581-3963.

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