July 9, 2011

Obama's Weekly Address: Working Together to Meet Our Fiscal Challenges

President Obama calls on both parties to come together to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction that lets us live within our means without hurting investments our economy needs to grow and create jobs. [Video / Transcript]

President Obama continues to show me that he is an aspirational leader who sees the best in people ... including his Republican opponents. It should be interesting to see what happens this weekend in the negotiations to raise the debt limit. What is your evolving view of your President? Is he worthy of his office?


AfricanAmericanPundit said...

The President is holding his own, however, I'm concerned that he may gave in to giving more to Republicans and allow the rich to get more and the poor and middle class to get less. He should also watch out for so called liberals and Democrats who seem not to have his back.

AfricanAmericanPundit said...

oops "Cave In"