July 5, 2014

Taser Lawsuit: Doug Boucher (Mason, OH)

The Indiana family of an unarmed, mentally ill Ohio man who died after police tortured him seven times with a Taser stun gun has settled its wrongful-death lawsuit in the case. The city of Mason, Ohio and two police officers settled lawsuit for $375,000.

39-year-old Doug Boucher died in December 2009 after a confrontation with two officers outside a Mason convenience store. Mason police said at the time that Boucher had died after being tortured by taser gun.

No wonder.

Boucher had been stunned seven times, and he was immobile and face-down on the ground for five of them.

I don't track taser deaths as much as I once did ... but, this killing happened in my hometown. I'm very sorry for the loss experienced by the Boucher family.

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