March 11, 2007

Cincinnati NAACP Election

I asked about the relevance of the NAACP in an earlier post that included thoughts on Bruce Gordon's resignation and the disputed election for president of the Cincinnati NAACP branch.

Well, the NAACP announced that the election for a branch president here in Cincinnati will be run again on March 27. The NAACP national office will supervise the election, which will be held from 6-9 p.m. at the local office on Reading Road. Members as of Oct. 29, 2006 are eligible to vote.

Only a few votes separated incumbent President Edith Thrower from challenger Christopher Smitherman in the first election, held in November. Both candidates claimed victory. For more information about the election, call the NAACP regional office at (248) 557-9708, or the national office at (410) 358-8900.

The main question is still open for comments from any Villager ... is the NAACP still relevant for people of color?


Gunfighter said...

MY local NAACP wantd nothing to do with me, becasue I didn't come from one of the "approved" local Baptist churches.

I was all about making things happen instead of wfringing my hands and singing "We Shall Overcome"

Anonymous said...

How can this organization call themselves effective in this day and age when the organization does nothing to reach out to the community at large.

The NAACP local office in Cincinnati will not even return phone calls regarding complaints against police, general membership concerns and community corncerns.

As a person who has called and faxed the office several times since October 2006, I speak from experience as I have yet to get any return call or correspondence.

At tonight's elections people who have been members since September and October who are paid members in good standing still have yet to receive membership cards. Most of those who are open Smitherman suppoters were made to vote provisional

I think it is a sad day when an organization like the NAACP can take people hard earned money for a membership into the organization, and still 6 months plus later, members still have yet to get a membership card.

Does the NAACP offer refunds? If members can not get the respect of the organization being dues paying members in good standing, then those disrespected in tonight's election should demand their money back!