March 16, 2007

Jesse Jackson Endorses Obama

I see that Rev. Jesse Jackson endorsed Barack Obama in his presidential bid. "He's got my vote," said the civil-rights leader. I imagine that Jackson's support will boost Obama's support in the Black community, the lack of which has been widely covered in the media since Obama announced his run for the presidency. Jackson said Obama has not asked him to campaign for him and he is not in Obama's inner circle of advisers and fundraisers. "I just have an appreciation of him," Jackson said.

I remember the excitement that I felt in 1984 when Jesse Jackson first answered the cries of "Run, Jesse, Run". His speech at the Democratic National Convention electrified a nation. He takes many hits now as an opportunist, however, in my view he earned a lifetime of respect for the courage he showed in running for president.

So, now old school endorses new school. Personally, Obama is my choice for president. Not because he is Black ... although that doesn't hurt. Mostly, because I am encouraged by his background and upbringing that he will represent my community better than the other announced candidates. My overall reaction to the other major candidates:

  • Rudy led a city government with racist policies in New York. This was prior to 9/11 when he became sanctified. It amazes me how the negative impact that Rudy had on Black people has been erased as a result of his very public leadership role after the World Tower attacks.
  • Hilary isn't the Clinton that I would want in office. I thought the 8 years of the Clinton presidency were the best in my lifetime. Why settle for a faded carbon of the original?
  • McCain is simply too old and too ambitious. It is shameful to watch him coddling the same right-wing crazies that attacked him in the 2000 election. I lived through Ronald Ray-gun ... not interested in doing that again.
  • Edwards is an interesting choice. I like the fact that he freely recognizes the issues of poverty and racsim in our society. If Obama weren't in the race it is likely that I wold be supporting John Edwards.

Anyhow, I'm glad that Jackson is on record with his endorsement of Obama. We have many months to go in this campaign. We will continue to learn about all the candidates. Do you have any thoughts on the Jackson endorsement?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

The Contest for leadership should be interesting.

Paris David said...

Blacks like me really like Obama and want to vote for him, but my Spirit keeps saying no because Barack struck down the Born Alive Infant Protection Act at least twice, and that was set up to protect babies -- including black ones -- born alive after abortions and left to die in hospital room shelves or in hospital garbage cans. I don't understand as a Christian why Barack would do that. Do you?

Gunfighter said...

I fully support Obama, and have since I first became aware of him a few years ago. Like you, I support him bbecause of his stances on the issues, and his record. his being black is icing on the cake... but the substance rules all.

As for what Ms. Mooney referred to, all I can say is that before I make a judgement call on that particular bill, I would have to see what sort of riders were on the bill itself. Seldom do bills say all of what they mean in their titles.

As for the rest of the Presidential field, the only other Democrat that I am interested in is Bill Richardson, of New Mexico. He has lots of experience, and a good, solid record of achievement.

I wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton on a bet. I recognize that she has the fundraising ability to knock out lots of other contenders early in the race, but for the life of me, I can't see why I would vote for her... In my view, any Representative or Senator that voted yes on invading Iraq automatically gets a NO vote from me. It's that simple.

I am not interested in ANY of the Republicans... the last thing we need in this country is more of the same crap that the GOP is showing us right now.

Unknown said...

Jean-Luc - Do they have elections in the Federation? I know that there is still President in the Battlestar Galacta part of the galaxy. How about in The Federation?

Paula - Thank you for sharing the info on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. There are positives and negatives for every candidate ... at the end of the day we just hope the one we elect has more positives. The nation guessed wrong twice on 'W'. What a mistake his presidency has been for the past six years.

Gunfighter - You about laid it all out. Asante sana! Bill Richardson is interesting. The amazing thing is that the Democratic primaries will have a strong woman, Black and Hispanic candidate in the field. Remarkable.

unityoak said...

I really don't care who Jesse Jackson supports. That's what's wrong with African Americans we don't do the proper research before we vote. I like Jesse Jackson meet him as a teenager but I wouldn't take his word for who should be president. I will support Obama just because our country needs change bad. I live in the south and refuse to go anywhere outside Atlanta. That's a serious problem and it's 2007. Last point I really like Hillary but I feel they'll elect a black man before a white woman. That gender thing is a big issue with men. :) Peace

Anonymous said...

You are right on the money with those opinions. T feel the same way about those candidates. I especially am not fond of Rudy at all! Before 9/11 he was such the dunce of NYC and after he was this 2nd Coming which I am just confused by the turnaround.

Unknown said...

Unity Oak - You were right about Obama being preferred to Hillary...

Latimer - I wonder what Rudy is doing nowadays? You don't hear from him at all since the election...