March 5, 2007

Most Dangerous States in America

Most of the time we don't bother to let facts get in the way of our stereotypes. One stereotype that is reinforced regularly in America is that Black people are dangerous. So, I read with interest the results of 2007 survey listing the most dangerous states in America. The top three dangerous states in the survey are:
  1. Nevada
  2. New Mexico
  3. Arizona
Nevada, with its casinos and nightlife, was rated as the most dangerous state for the fourth consecutive year, followed by New Mexico. Not many nubians living in those three states.

The governor of New Mexico is running for president. I wonder what he has to say about being the leader of the 2nd most dangerous state in the country?

My current home state is Ohio. We ranked in the middle of the pack at #23 on the list. Among neighboring states, Michigan is the most dangerous at 11th, while Indiana was the 25th most dangerous state, Pennsylvania was 26th and Kentucky came in at 34th.

What do you think ... do lists such as this mean very much in the scheme of things? Care to comment on where your favorite state ranked on this list?


Gunfighter said...

As much as it SHOULD be important, I don't think that anyone's perception of the most dangerous places in America will change.

Most Americans, particularly most white Americans in suburban and rural areas, will go right on believing that the most dangerous places in America are urban areas where mostly black people live.

By the way, did you kwo that the reddest of red states have the highest divorce rates in the country? So much for moral superiority concerning the sanctity of the intact family.

Unknown said...

Yes ... I agree that most folks, including whites ... don't bother to let the facts get in the way of their opinion.

I didn't know about the stat re: divorce rates.

Anyhow, thanks for sharing your wisdom here in da Village!

credo said...

Indiana is 25th ! I feel pretty safe, but the police want us to be worried about homeless folks. Children harmed with weapons on every street corner. It's nice to know we are Superbowl champions and we are pretty safe.

Keli said...

That's very interesting. I would have thought that California would have been in amongst the top three. Hmmm. I need to go back and look and see were Texas is ranked.

Danielle said...

I hail from Boston but now live in the most dangerous state of Nevada. This is like a joke to me. We have our share of crime, shady sides of town but from my experience I have always felt safe even when we first moved here and lived on "Crack Alley". Statistics can be deceiving but if Nevada wants to change her rating which is largely in part to Las Vegas there needs to be community lead programs to curb gang violence, parents need to start raising their kids, and start seeing her residents as the lifeblood of the city and not the tourists that raise all kinds of hell.

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