October 8, 2007

I Love Your Blog Award

There are many villagers that quietly join us to enjoy the posts and comments without sharing their village voice. You never know if your work as a blogger is appreciated by those stealth villagers.

One of our stealth villagers is Tey, a busy working Filipina mom living in Toronto. Tey publishes a blog titled, 'My Daily Thoughts'. We were surprised when Tey presented the 'I Love Your Blog Award' to "Villager for his informative posts about Black people (just love it)."

Tey, I appreciate the love. Following Tey's lead, we want to show a little love for other blogs that deserve it. The Electronic Village presents the 'I Love Your Blog Award' to five others that we read and enjoy often. They are more than welcome to pass along the award to other blogs which they love to read as well and so on.
  1. The Field Negro - Field provides the best social and political commentary on the Internet for people of African descent. Period.
  2. Too Sense - This brother is part of the upcoming revolution of thought that will free the minds of our people.
  3. Eddie Griffin, BASG - Eddie brought Black bloggers into prominence with his work on Shaquanda Cotton case.
  4. Dallas South Blog - Shawn went to Jena, LA for the march on 9/20/07. He is becoming the face of Black bloggers for mainstream media.
  5. Black and Missing, But Not Forgotten - Deidra breaks the silence on all the missing Black women in America.
Congratulations to all of you and thanks for writing such great blogs. Villagers, who are the blogs and bloggers that YOU love?


Anonymous said...

you're welcome keep blogging your thoughts and opinion.

Deidra said...

Aww! I love your blog too! I have several favorites but I love everybody lol so I hate to leave people out. I think everybody is special in their own unique way. :)

Unknown said...

Deidra - You are truly doing a wonderful thing with your blog. I've noticed your widget in a number of other blogs as well. Just keep flowing the way you flow....

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Villager, Thanks for the love. I'll be sure to pass it on.

Unknown said...

Ester - Asante sana!

Eddie - You've earned the love my brother!