July 3, 2011

Obama's Weekly Address: Cutting the Deficit and Creating Jobs

President Obama addresses the need to reduce the nation's deficit while creating jobs across the country and wishes Americans a happy Fourth of July (Video / Transcript)

I think that the Republicans are convinced that America's economy must deteriorate in order for them to win the 2012 presidential election. I fear that GOP leaders are more interested in working against President Obama than they are in solving our nation's economic problems.

What say u?


goodgiant said...

In my view, based on the cowardliness of the GOP members, problems with the economy will persist... Let's face it the GOP is purely a race based organization and their primary interest is to preserve white domination... You take, for instance, the monkey face plastered on Obama via email by a noted GOPer Marilyn Davenport in Orange county Calif. back in April. This was a blatant attack but what's interesting is she wasn't relieved from her post and in essence she only manifested what most GOP's think. She's just one part that's a direct reflection on the "whole." I can assure you they're going to do everything in their power to take B.O. out of the picture... I noticed he mentioned we should "work harder," well I believe it's time for Blacks to start working harder for themselves... I say that to say that our ancestors worked harder on a 247 basis for "nothing!"

May God continue to bless you..

Unknown said...

GoodGiant - Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do recall the racist email from the GOP leader down in Southern California. It is clear that we are not in a post-racial era yet. In fact, there is a significant part of our nation that can't accept President Obama simply because of the color of his skin. That is sad.

In any case, I agree that the Black community needs to work smarter and with more conscious intention if we hope to overcome the economic situation that we find ourselves in.