October 16, 2011

I Love Your Blog Award

There are many villagers that quietly join us to enjoy the posts and comments without sharing their village voice. Our blog never seems to get much in the way of COMMENTS in comparison to our daily hits. I appreciate the stealth villagers as much as those that are move 'vocal'.

One of my stealth villagers is Tey, a busy working Filipina mom living in Toronto. Tey publishes 'My Daily Thoughts'. Tey presented us with the 'I Love Your Blog Award':
"... for his informative posts about Black people (just love it)."
I appreciated the love when she gave our blog the award.  In fact, I've shared the award with others in 2007 and 2008.  I figure it was time to share some love again with other blogs that deserve it. The Electronic Village presents the 'I Love Your Blog Award' to five others that we read and enjoy often. They are more than welcome to pass along the award to other blogs which they love to read as well and so on.
  1. African American Pundit - Rock is one of the first bloggers that I regularly followed in the afrosphere. His blog comes strong and correct with information about both race and politics.  He was also one of the first to join me in speaking out against the high level of taser-related deaths in America.
  2. What About Our Daughters? - Gina is a blogger willing to take her online efforts to a new level.  She is a book author and a movie-maker.  She organizes the annual Blogging While Brown Conference.  At the end of the day this is a blog that I think should be followed by every person of African descent in our nation ... especially Black women!
  3. Eccentric Lover - Nailah is a young 'un.  She is a college freshman who shows remarkable clarity on her blog on the trials and tribulations of being a teenager.  She also finds some of the most provocative and unique photos that I've ever seen.
  4. The Field Negro - Field won this award from me in 2007.  He is the most consistent Black blogger that I've ever seen.  No guest bloggers.  It's all Field, all the time.  He seems to be able to have a new and powerful blog post each and every evening.  He provides outstanding social and political commentary on all issues that impact on the Black community.  This is my favorite blog of all-times!
  5. Booker Rising - I disagree with the perspective shared by Shay on this blog more often than not.  However, I admire this blogger for bringing out the diverse voices of Black opinion makers in both America, African and Europe.  Can anyone tell me if Shay is a man or woman?
Congratulations to all of you and thanks for writing such great blogs. Villagers, who are the blogs and bloggers that YOU love?


Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO! I dunno if you've ever seen mine but its on my profile.

I guess I would say some of my most visited are


Well there are many, but they serve different purposes for me. So technically I probably love too many. lol

Unknown said...

My Love Is So Raw - I like the vibe on your blog! What does "Kur Col De Daab E Nuba" mean in English?

Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

It means COAL BLACK NUBIAN GOLD! it is in the Sudanese language of DINKA! Someone has been teaching me out of the goodness of their heart.

Unknown said...

My Love Is So Raw - I also enjoyed the photo that is in the background of your blog. That is a serious Nubian sista! As an aside, I've encouraged my Facebook fans to check out your blog!