October 13, 2008

I Love Your Blog Award

There are many villagers that quietly join us to enjoy the posts and comments without sharing their village voice. Our blog never seems to get much in the way of COMMENTS in comparison to our daily hits. I appreciate the stealth villagers as much as those that are move 'vocal'.

One of my stealth villagers is Tey, a busy working Filipina mom living in Toronto. Tey publishes 'My Daily Thoughts'. Tey presented us with the 'I Love Your Blog Award' "... for his informative posts about Black people (just love it)."

I appreciated the love last year when she gave our blog the award. I figure it was time to share some love with other blogs that deserve it. The Electronic Village presents the 'I Love Your Blog Award' to five others that we read and enjoy often. They are more than welcome to pass along the award to other blogs which they love to read as well and so on.
  1. RaceWire - This blog comes strong and correct with information about both race and politics.
  2. TransGriot - Monica Roberts is a powerful voice for transgender issues in person and through the afrosphere. I've learned that all of us have concerns about politics and life choices. Monica is a goals-oriented sista with great insights shared on her blog.
  3. Black Tennis Pro's - Shelia provides a constant flow about African American tennis players from the amateur ranks up through world's #1 Serena Williams. I haven't played tennis for many moons, however I do enjoy my stealth visits to this blog.
  4. Sojourner's Place - Sojourner just competed a complete overhaul of her blog template. It is unique and it is perfectly suited for her flow. SjP is one of my favorite blogs in the universe!
  5. BDPA Detroit TAC - Cliff Samuels publishes this technology-based blog. Cliff is a colleague and rarely do technology blogs catch a break when it comes to blog awards ... so I hope some villagers will visit Cliff and show him some love!
Congratulations to all of you and thanks for writing such great blogs. Villagers, who are the blogs and bloggers that YOU love?


SjP said...

Villager, if you can believe it I'M SPEECHLESS! You have just made my day!Much obliged for the LOVE.

Shelia said...

Congrats Villager, you know that you deserved it!

Electronic Village is like the town square to me. There's a lot of great places to visit, but you've got to get to the town square if you really want to know what's happening.

I don't get to visit you anywhere near as much as I used to, and just as I pop in today you've got something special for me. Thank you very much, you have certainly kicked my day off in the right direction.

You have a wonderful day too!


Unknown said...

Sojourner - Don't be speechless sista ... you earn it every day with your blog. I especially like the blog redesign.

Shelia - It is hard to get around to see all the other great blogs out there. I appreciate what you do. When does tennis season start again? I'm ready to see me some Serena! (smile)

Shelia said...

Villager, take the time to pop by Black Tennis Pro's soon, you'll see ya girl Serena surfing!

The Zurich Open is going on right now, Venus won the first round yesterday, after being knocked out of the first round of the last two tournaments - OUCH!

Serena is still out with a *cough* bad ankle *cough* surfing, *cough*.

Unknown said...

Shelia - You made my day! I love me some Serena. More power to Common for being on vacation with her in Hawaii. Heck, I added one of your photos (with link to your post) as the 'Village Movie' in my sidebar this morning (smile)...