October 26, 2008

Obamacans: Republicans for Obama

Have you noticed that a lot of big-time Republicans are publically announcing that they are supporting Barack Obama this year? On the other hand, Joe Lieberman is the only Democrat that I know is supporting John McCain.

Both McCain and Obama have told us about their ability to reach out across the aisle to get support on issues. It seems that Obama is proving that he can bring Republicans with him towards a common purpose.

Here are some recent high-profile Republicans that have endorsed Obama:
  1. Ken Adelman (Reagan's director of arms controls)

  2. Wick Allison (former publisher of the National Review)

  3. Andrew Bacevich (conservative author)

  4. Christopher Buckley (son of William F. Buckley)

  5. Arne Carlson (former governor of Minnesota)

  6. Lincoln Chafee (former governor of Rhode Island)

  7. Susan Eisenhower (granddaughter of President Dwight Eisenhower)

  8. Charles Fried (former John McCain advisor)

  9. CC Goldwater (granddaughter of Barry Goldwater)

  10. Joel Haugen (Congressional candidate in Oregon)

  11. Linwood Holton (former governor of Virginia)

  12. Larry Hunter (Reagan's chief economist)

  13. Doug Kmiec (Republican lawyer to Reagan and Bush-41)

  14. Jim Leach (former Iowa congressman)

  15. Scott McClellan (former White House press secretary)

  16. Colin Powell (former Secretary of State)

  17. Michael Smerconish (conservative talk-show host)

  18. Lowell Weicker (former US senator from Connecticut)

  19. William Weld (former governor of Massachusetts)

  20. Jim Whitaker (mayor of Fairbanks, Alaska)

Hey Rush Limbaugh ... Are all of these conservative Republicans supporting Barack Obama because of their race? To my knowledge, all of the folks on this list (except Gen. Powell) are white.

Perhaps they are supporting Obama because of his temperment, leadership skills, platform and forward-looking vision for our country? You think?


clnmike said...

Joe Lieberman is listed as an Independent he made the move when he lost his Democratic nomination to a rival, who he than beat in the general election.

Goes to show you what a real politician he is.

People keep calling him a Dem just to needle the party.

Hey Shae! said...

They are sending a clear message that even they are sick of the current state of politics.

Unknown said...

Mike - I call him a democrat because my understanding is that we will need the weasel in order to get philibuster-proof 60-vote majority in the US Senate...

Shae - I agree with you. I am very sick of the gridlock in Washington DC. It will be nice to see ideas and theories be turned into action...

SjP said...

Reminds me of when the dems jumped ship for Reagan. Guess the repubs know how it feels now. And still Lt. Dan and Sean Hannity think they have time to turn the tide of this election!

Remember when HRC said "he can't win"? Certainly looks like he can to me and a whole lot of other people.

Unknown said...

Sojourner - McCain, Palin, Hannity, Rush and the rest of 'em have to do something for the next 9 days. They might as well come out fighting for the last 9 days. It is obvious that McCain is no longer worried about his image or legacy. McCain is the next Dole.

re: Reagan Democrats. Hopefully, that designation can be retired now. Obama Republicans or Obamacans is the new reality...

The Urban Scientist said...

This is an impressive list.

Unknown said...

Urban Scientist - These are historic times that we are living in. I guess these Obamacans want to be on the right side of history...

The Urban Scientist said...

oh and now an Alaskan newspaper has endorsed Obama, too.

Very interesting. Will Alaska still go red, now?

Unknown said...

Urban Scientist - I noticed that the largest Alaska paper endorsed Obama. I suspect that the state's electoral votes will go to McCain-Palin ticket. I remain hopeful that US Sen Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) will lose his long-held seat...