October 21, 2008

Blog Safari #16

I wonder how bloggers are going to adjust on November 5th ... when the election is over? Anyhow, we still have a number of election and non-election posts in this week's 'Blog Safari'. Share some love with these blogs from other parts of the afrosphere.
Let us know if you come across any remarkable posts that should be shared in our next Blog Safari!


DJ Diva The Mixtress said...

I think The political Assistant is doing a great job!


Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

My recent favorite is Keepittrill. Kit writes thoughtful, meaningful posts. She doesn't just write about the most current even such as Sarah Palin or McCain stuff. She writes with great insight about relationships as well.


Unknown said...

DJ - Thank you for pointing me to The Political Assistant. Do you know if that blog is Black-owned and operated?

MacDaddy - You are not alone. Keep It Trill is developing a growing audience. Her blog moved up to BBR #280 recently...