October 23, 2008

This Week in Blackness: Debate, Obama Bucks, Powell, OH MY!

We are supporting the comedic satire of Elon James White. However, we will talk with the brother about providing the work-friendly version of the weekly messages in the future. Anyhow, here is Episode #11 (uncensored version):


Elon James White said...

I'm sorry man! I was editing them but it was adding an additional half hour to 45 minutes to the project and I normally do them over night and by the time i get to that part I'm exhausted. But if its too rough, I'll get back on it. I appreciate the support so I will get ya a..ahem...cleaner copy.

Again thanks for the support! It's definitely appreciated.

Unknown said...

Elon - Phuque it! My readers shouldn't be doing this at work anyhow (smile)!

peace, Villager

iriegal said...

I love it! I like "real talk." And this was some real talk. Good work Elon.

Unknown said...

IrieGal - Shyt ... if Elon's salty talk brings you over to our baobob tree for a visit ... it is well worth it!!!