October 26, 2008

Israelis for Obama

My blog focuses on issues from an afrocentric point of view. As such, I don't have much commentary from 'villagers' on issues related to Israel. Therefore I watched the following video with interest.

What is your take from the message coming out of this video?


Cassandra said...


I am totally speechless by this video. Thank you for sharing this video.

Anonymous said...

the most depressing video i have watched in ages - i wish i had not seen this as it has totally ruined my sunday evening and tomorrow is monday. change indeed!

Unknown said...

Sokari - Maybe on Tuesday you can come back and tell me what depressed you about this video?

Cassandra - Feel free to point it out to others. It is not something I had seen anyplace else.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

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Anonymous said...

Village @ Very simple - Obama's unwavering support for Israel and the Zionist project is clear in these voices many of whom are Zionists themselves. Nothing Obama has said during his campaign leads me to believe that he has any sympathy for the Palestinian position and if the right wing Zionist Benjamin Netanyahu becomes the next Israel president as is predicted in the elections next March this will spell even more doom for Palestinians.

I hope that explains things.

You may be presuming from some of my statements that I do not support Obama. This is not true. Who else is there to support in this two horse race? That in itself is depressing because Obama is a mainstream democratic and neither the Democrats nor Republican parties are transformational. Yes there will be some change and that is positive and welcome but its hardly radical given that he will take over from one of the most incompetent right wing Presidents the US has ever had.

Lets face it much of the hype around Obama is due to his race - take away that and I doubt there would be so much hype and frankly cultist worship of the man. And thats my point. The most radical thing about Obama is he is a Black man and a Democrat running for President of the US. I celebrate that. For example all of a suddent people have forgotten the lies and warmongering of Colin Powell - what short memories people have. He has supported every war America has engaged with and has been part of the lies used to justify those wars. That in itself show how much people are running with hype on this. Nonetheless I hope and believe that Obama will win the Presidency and we will all be better off with him at the helm but I have no illusions of any fundamental change.

SjP said...

I have a colleague who is Jewish and has supported Obama for a very long time. Much obliged for sharing.

Unknown said...

Sojourner - I thought that Jewish voters would be supporting Obama's opponent in this election. I've been surprised by the polls showing high level of support for Obama in the Jewish community.

Sokari - I truly appreciate you taking time to explain in more detail. I respect your candid comments. I remain hopeful that Obama will be a once-in-a-lifetime leader for our nation. However, he will need help from other world leaders if the Palestine situation is to be dealt with in a meaningful way.

Obama hasn't shown you that he has what it takes. Out of curiousity, is there *any* world leader that you see as a positive role model for Obama or others to follow in this complicated foreign policy arena?