October 9, 2008

Will Racism Cost Obama The Election?

I was born & raised in Los Angeles. Tom Bradley was my mayor and I thought he was going to be the first African American governor of California. In fact, I went to sleep with polls indicating a solid victory for Tom Bradley over his white opponent. Imagine my dismay when I woke up in the morning to learn that Tom Bradley lost the election. It was such a surprise that it became known as the 'Bradley Effect' ... the situation when white voters tell pollsters one thing ... then get behind the ballot booth curtain and do another.

I worry about Barack Obama losing votes on November 4th due to the subtle racism of white Democratic or independent voters who simply won't pull the lever for the Black guy.

So, I was very pleased to hear the drumbeats from Carmen about a courageous speech given by Richard Trumka, Secretary Treasurer of AFL-CIO, in which he gave a passionate plea to workers in the labor union movement to no longer tolerate racism.

Take a moment to listen to what Mr. Trumka have to say:

If we want things to change, we must change. We have to speak out when we see actions or behaviors that harm race relations ... whether those actions occur by white people or African Americans.

What say u?


RiPPa said...

The polls are scary. In the New Hampshire primary, white voters were polled, and they all said they would vote for Obama. He was predicted to win that state hands down after winning in Iowa.

it didn't happen!

Those people said one thing and did another. Which is pretty typical od whites when speaking on race. They try to be politically correct or appear to be, but act differently.

This will be a factor in this race, but at this point, I think the fact that we're all struggling to stay afloat is a plus for Obama. If it were not for the current economic crisis, I doubt he's be ahead in the polls.

One things for sure, race has motivated alot of people to vote this go around. Its even motivated people to be vigillant of our democracy with the threats of voter supression, and disenfranchisement. There are many voters who have recently been purged from the registry, and I would have to say that its definitely racial.

Anonymous said...


I agree with Rippa that the current economic condition is turning out to be the decising factor in this race. I'm still not willing to say that Obama could not have won without the Wall Street meltdown, but I do think this crisis has been a God-send to his campaign to put the clincher on it. Because I strongly believe pocketbook issues trump race-issues.

This is why I believe what we will see this time is a REVERSE Bradley effect where a lot of "racists" may be saying on thing to their family, friends, and neighbors, but once they get in the booth they're pulling the lever for Obama. Because if there's one thing that scares racist white America more than the scary black man its the fear of being broke.

McCain offers America no reassurance on this issue, and that will sink him.

Blackgirl On Mars said...

Ahhh--the verdict is yet to be determined. I await patiently here in Copenhagen, Denmark to see how we will vote as the rest of the world sits riveted in front of their televisions watching what is for now the greatest U.S. Entertainment unfold in front of our very eyes. I remain optimistic, yet pensive. Time will only reveal if we, as Americans, are truly over this Race thing. Some of us however, have our suspicions.

Jackie said...

I agree, blackgirl on mars. I don't thnk I'll believe it until it happens. The polls look good but I'm still nervous. I hope we make you proud over there in Denmark.

Villager said...

RiPPa - We need to ensure that nothing is taken for granted. I'm glad to see Obama and Biden hittin' back hard and winning debates and such...

Keith - The concept of a REVERSE Bradley Effect is something nice to consider!

BlackGirl - I agree with you that this entire presidential election cycle (including the primaries with Hillary) has been entertaining. Admittedly, I'm enjoying the show a little bit more that Obama is leading than I was after the Republican convention when McCain had the lead (smile). Anyhow, we will hopefully do the right thing...

Jackie - 'Nervous' is good. It means we won't take anything for granted...