October 5, 2008

Karl Rove: Obama is Winning

Karl Rove shows Barack Obama as the winner of the electoral college for the first time this election cycle:

“39 new state polls released in the first three days of October have given Barack Obama his first lead over the magic number of 270 since mid-July. Minnesota (10 EV) and New Hampshire (4 EV) both moved from toss-up to Obama, giving him 273 electoral votes to McCain’s 163, with 102 votes remaining as a toss-up.

“If the election were held today, Obama would win every state John Kerry won in 2004, while adding New Mexico (5 EV), Iowa (7 EV), and Colorado (9 EV) to his coalition. Remember, though, that these state polls are a lagging indicator and most do not include any surveying done after the vice-presidential debate on Thursday night.”

I expect that the McCain campaign is going to throw the kitchen sink at Obama-Biden now. It should make for easy blog posting over the next 3-4 weeks...

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