January 25, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton Desperate?

Hillary Clinton was the presumptive Democratic nominee for over a year. She went through dozens of debates floating above the fray as the inevitable nominee from the Democratic party. Then she phuqued up on that debate question about giving driver licenses to illegal aliens. Her aura of invincability tumbled away when the results of the Iowa caucus were announced earlier this month. She came in 3rd place. Hard to be invincible when two other people get more votes.

Hillary and her husband made a decision at this point. They watched Barack Obama's victory speech in Iowa and determined that they would need to put the Clinton attack machine in motion early and often. Bill Clinton began wagging that famous finger (...can you say, 'I did not have sex with that woman'...) talking about America 'rolling the dice' for the 'fairy tale' that is Barack Obama.

The good people of New Hampshire watched Hillary shed a tear at the possibility that her lifetime ambition would be denied ... and they switched their votes to support her in the final 48 hours of the primary. Can you say 'Bradley Effect'?

Bill Clinton then went to Nevada and served as a precinct captain ... going hotel-to-hotel to campaign for his wife. Doesn't seem like the role of a former president. But Hillary is desperate ... so Bill is getting down and dirty on her behalf. Hillary tossed out a grenade about a bad guy in Chicago named Resko at the South Carolina debate. A few days later we discover that Bill and Hillary knew Resko enough to take a picture with him during their White House years.

Now, we learn that Hillary is willing to renege on the commitment she made with the other Democratics to forgo delegates in the Michigan and Florida primary. Is it just me? Or do you sense that Hillary Clinton is desperate?


The Whited Sepulchre said...

Hotep Villager !!

I haven't been buy for a while (ever since the disaster that was New Hampshire....) Things are looking prosperous in The Village.

I think the answer to your question is yes, Hillary is desperate.

Here's some prophecy for you to consider....Look for The Clinton campaign to start playing on Hispanic fears of a black President.

Wait till we get closer to the Florida primaries on Super Tuesday. Dollars to Donuts, that's going to be the storyline.

Unknown said...

Sepulchre - Thanks for sharing your village voice. It is welcome anytime. Many of us were disappointed by the New Hampshire results. But, we have to keep working and moving towards our dreams.

Anyhow, I will look for the Hispanic vs. Black storyline ... especially in places like California, Florida and such.

Pleace come back often!

Sparky Duck said...

smells of terrible desperation. But that is not surprising, the Clintons do not want to risk there legacy on the voting smarts of people in NY, NJ and Cali

Unknown said...

Sparky Duck - It should be interesting over the next 9-10 days as we move towards Super Tuesday in the states you mention along with about 19 others. Any predictions on the eventual nominee from each party?