January 10, 2011

Can Quilting Heal the Political Divisions in Washington DC?

Many people are looking for ways to tone down the rhetoric in Washington DC. Our nation needs to return to a time when people could argue passionately about their positions without demonizing their opponents.

My sister is a world-renowned quilter. She suggests that the time might be right for President Obama to call on both Democrats and Republicans to participate in a good ol' fashioned Quilting Bee. She imagines that the announcement of such a quilting bee might best be made on the Larry King Show.

Of course, my sister, Kyra Hicks, has more traditional information to share about quilting.  I encourage you to check out her other books -- Black Threads, Martha Ann's Quilt for Queen Victoria, The Liberian Flag Story & Love of Liberty Quilt or 'This I Accomplish: Harriet Powers' Bible Quilt and Others Pieces'.


SjP said...

Hey! I'm hoping that try anything! So, why not quilting. Maybe some of them might get stuck by a needle that has the power to make them shut up and listen for a minute!

Kyra said...

Wayne - thanks for sharing. I can't believe there's been over 6,000 views on this video!