January 23, 2011

Cop Who Taser-Killed Javon Rakestrau Goes Back to Work in Louisiana

Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Deputy Chris Guidry killed Javon Rakestrau on October 4 when he electrocuted him with his taser. Guidry had been on paid administrative leave while the killing was being investigated.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office has completed its investigation and Deputy Chris Guidry was found to have followed all procedures properly and he is now back on his regular duties. [SOURCE]

Sheriff's officials have previously said that Rakestrau resisted the deputy and tried to run away, forcing Guidry to use his stun gun to control the situation. The police claim that the following video of the incident supports the Sheriff's Office's account.

Meanwhile, a final autopsy report on Rakestrau is not yet complete. The investigation includes a full autopsy, toxicology and microbiology tests to determine whether Rakestrau died from the effects of the Taser or from another cause.

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