January 5, 2011

Rodney Brown Lost His Cool ... and Then He Lost His Life to Taser-Happy Cleveland Police Officer

Something went horribly wrong on New Year's eve when unidentified Cleveland police officers pulled over 40-year old Rodney Brown for a routine traffic stop. A witness indicates that Brown was cooperating with police and had his hands on the back of the car. It was then the witness indicates that Brown turned and cursed at the officer asking why he stopped him.
"And the cop didn't like what he said and he walked up behind him and punched him in the back," Brown's mother Shirley recalled the man telling her.

"Rodney's the type of person, he's my son and I know him, that he's not going to take a lick from cops or no one else and he doesn't carry any weapons so that's what started the melee," she said.

"He turned around and pushed the cop and the cop tasered him in the chest," said Shirley of Rodney the youngest of her seven children.

It appears that Brown made a fatal mistake by being disrespectful to the unidentified police officer. He gave the officer an excuse to electrocute him with 50,000 volts of electricity from the taser gun.

Disrespectful words should never result in a taser gun being used. Disrespectful words should never result in a death. Something went horribly wrong in Cleveland on New Year's Eve.


Joanna said...

People act as if these types of things are the work of a few bad cops. I have a friend who is a police officer. He tells me that 99% of his colleagues are racist pigs who get off on making life difficult for people. He works for a special tactical unit that exercises felony warrants, and he tells me that all too often he finds the men on his team want to stop what they are doing to harass young Black men on the street.

Unknown said...

Joanna - 99% seems like a high number... but, I appreciate you sharing insights from your friend.

Joanna said...

Well, I had said 90% and he told me I was wrong... that is was a lot more than that.... his number was 99%...