January 8, 2011

Was the Taser-Killing of Ryan Bain a Homicide?

There is still no word yet on the official cause of death for Ryan Bain. It appears that the Montana State Crime Lab has completed its report on Bain's death, which occurred in October 2010, while in the custody of who died while in police custody. [SOURCE]

Bain, 31, was tased four times by police when they detained him. The police spin on the story is that Bain was resisting arrest. They don't mention that he was buck-naked and unarmed. They also don't mentioned that he was a loving father of four children.  Finally, they don't seem to understand that the penalty for resisting arrest in America should never be extra-judicial electrocution to the death.

Anyhow, the coroner plans to give the autopsy findings and toxicology results from the crime lab to County Attorney Scott Twito. Twito said he expects an inquest to be held later in January or early February at which point they'll determine an official cause of death.

The powers-that-be in Billings, Montana appear to be dragging their feet on this investigation. That is usually a sign that something ain't quite right.

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