January 7, 2011

Scott Sisters on Release From Mississippi Prison (VIDEO)

Jamie and Gladys Scott were physically released from Mississippi prison today. It took 16 years, but the state of Mississippi has freed the Scott sisters.

The sisters did the time for robbing a man of $11 in 1993. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour pardoned them both, with the questionable stipulation that Gladys donate her kidney to Jamie, who has needed dialysis for many years.

The Scott Sisters are moving to Pensacola, Florida, to be with their mother and children. The sisters hold no bitterness against Gov. Haley Barbour or the corrupt judicial system that put them in prison for 16 years.

"They have to pay for their actions in putting me and my sister in prison for a crime we did not commit," Jamie said.

Now, with their life sentences for armed robbery suspended, their future is uncertain. How will the Scott sisters pay for their medical care and the kidney transplant? Are the sisters even a compatible match for the kidney transplant? If not, will Gladys' conditional release be revoked by Gov. Barbour?

But, today is not a day for question. Today is a day to rejoice for the Scott Sisters, their family and all of the online activists who have been fighting this fight over the years.

Our blog didn't do as much as we could ... but, it feels good to know that we did something!

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