December 16, 2007

Blogging to End AIDS

Progressive bloggers worked together on World AIDS Day to engage and educate our readers about AIDS. We raised our voices to increase AIDS awareness, increase understanding, and decrease stigma; especially for people of African descent. As we enter the new year, Villagers are encouraged to watch an online PBS program called The Age of AIDS. The trailer for the PBS program is shown below:

Please take the AIDS Leadership Pledge if you have time or inclination.


Derrick said...

Thanks for spreading the video.

I've been posting this thing all around for 2 years as often as I can. It's really a great piece that can inform and inspire.

Unknown said...

Yobachi - I hadn't seen either the trailer or the full PBS show until you pointed it out to us on The AfroSpear GG. Thank you for taking time to share. Hopefully, we can make a difference with those that read our individual blogs.