December 1, 2007

Stop AIDS Leadership Pledge

Villagers, do you remember where you were when Magic Johnson announced his retirement from the Lakers because he was found to have the HIV-virus? I was sitting in my office getting ready to pack up to go home. I recall how shocked I was by the news. Mostly by the fact that Magic Johnson didn't fit my stereotyped view of an AIDS victim. That was back in 1991.

Today ... in 2007 ... I still have a stereotyped view of AIDS victims. The new face of AIDS in America is a Black heterosexual woman. Sisters in our community are impacted by AIDS more than any other group. Even the AIDS Memorial Quilt doesn't reflect the growing number of deaths by Black women as a result of AIDS.

It is time that each of us take the Stop AIDS Leadership Pledge. I took the pledge this morning. The pledge asks people from all over the world to take the lead to stop AIDS. These pledges collected online, by mail and at events, will be used to create exhibitions, banners and other visibility actions during major events in 2008. With a goal of at least 100,000 signees, these pledges will serve as a persuasive tool for leveraging greater political leadership on universal access to AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support and act as a visual example for key national and international decision-makers to follow.

Take the lead Villagers. Pledge your leadership now to stop AIDS.

Click here to read more about the pledge, to download pledge forms, or get the Stop AIDS Leadership Pledge button for your website or blog.


Yobachi said...

I remember where I was. I was like 13, and I was up in my parents bedroom, I think watching it on Sport Center. I almost cried and seldom ever cry. I was so upset, cause I love Magic. He's my alltime favorite athlete.

I would have never thought he'd still be alive as I approach 30 years old.

Unknown said...

Yobachi - It is actually a good thing that he has lived so long. He was very active on World AIDS Day in lending his voice to the process.

I didn't get much play on World AIDS Day posts and such. I did see that there is an effort for another awareness effort during Feb 2008 for Blacks in America as it relates to AIDS education.

Danielle said...

I am working on my contribution to Yobachi's challenge and as always found a great resource in the World AIDS campaign pledge found here.

I will be definitely be including it in my post.

As always...


Unknown said...

Danielle - I'm glad to know that you are finding some of the information here to be of value. AIDS is definitely a disease that we should conquer ... since it is almost entirely PREVENTABLE if many of us would simply exercise some self-discipline.

Derrick said...
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Derrick said...

The fact that you didn't get much play on this post is indicative of the reason why AIDS is such a continuing problem; people are dissinterested and passe' about it.

It's a shame.

Derrick said...

You did get a lot of traffic to your home page from my post announcing the initiative. You were my number one out going click that day.