December 17, 2007

Killer Cop Resigns While City Council Boycotts

The fallout from the killing of 12-year old DeAunta Farrow continues to mount in West Memphis, AR. Sgt. Erik Sammis resigned his job on the police force four months after he shot the innocent youth [video report and copy of Sammis' resignation letter].

Three different investigations cleared Sammis of any wrongdoing, however, the community is very upset about the lack of responsibility being taken by the police department. My understanding is that Sammis will pop up next month on the payroll of a federal law enforcement agency.

The city council asked the police chief to resign. The mayor vetoed this action. The police chief ranted on television about his antipathy towards the feelings of African Americans in his town. The Black members of the West Memphis city council boycotted the meeting this week ... causing it to be cancelled. The boycott will stay in place until the police chief sits down to discuss the Farrow shooting with the Black leaders in the community.

Villagers, this is an interesting situation brewing in Arkansas. It hasn't hit the mainstream media yet. What do you think of the current developments?


Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with this story. Bullets cannot be called back. Why would he be so trigger happy?

It brings to mind the 90 year old woman shot to death in Atlanta by the SWAT team when the wrong house was raided.

I don't know who is to blame but this killing needs to end...period!

Why would he shoot a 12 year old boy? Something ain't adding up here.

suicide_blogger said...

At least those Blacks seats on the city council are being used constructively, to forcefully address an issue of primary concern to local Black people.

Unknown said...

Truthful - He was trigger happy because of fear. His fear was result of false evidence appearing real in his mind. He had such fear of the stereotypical Blackman ... that it caused him to kill an innocent 12-year old boy that night. He did the right thing by resigning from the police force.

Suicide-Blogger - I'm interested to see what happens next week at the next scheduled meeting of the West Memphis city council.