December 22, 2007

Black Holiday Shopper Tasered by Police in Wisconsin Mall

Drums beating from Tasered While Black blog about another instance of an unarmed, innocent Black family being shot full of 50,000 volts of electricity by police. This time it was a Madison, Wisconsin couple out doing some Christmas shopping.

Major Lemon, a 48-year old Black man was in Madison's West Towne Mall with his wife on Christmas eve. The two of them were doing last-minute shopping for some family members who didn't have any Christmas presents under the tree yet.

Evidently, an anonymous tip was called into the police station about a Blackman with a gun in the mall. The Madison police came in full force to the mall looking for a suspect reported to have been carrying a handgun. They arrived ... found a convenient Blackman ... and promptly applied the taser in front of his wife and later arrested the brother for "resisting arrest". Of course, the brother didn't have a handgun ... but, so far the police don't see anything wrong with their taser-happy actions.

Tara Emery-Walls, the general manager at the nearby Arby's, felt that officers overreacted. "I didn't think it was right," she said. "A bunch of people were in here shopping. There were kids in here." Marissa Lemon (Major's wife) shares her perspective in this videotaped interview. We understand that Major Lemon plans to sue the police for their unlawful actions.

Taser happy cops at it on Christmas Eve. Is it just me? Or does it appear that police with tasers are out of control in this country?


Mz.Bria2U said...

This TWB (tased while black) is growing exponentially out of control! Police used to be trigger happy, now they're NIGGER TASER HAPPY!
Thanks for keeping us awares of these awful CRIMES!

And truly there is no regard for black life...these that are being tased are innocent, pregnant, didn't move fast enough...this insanity must stop!

Unknown said...

Bria - It is bordering on the ridiculous when we can post a new unjustified taser incident virtually every week. I'm not sure if you know ... but, a brother recently created a Tasered While Black blog to document these incidents.

Anyhow, I wish you and yours a truly marvelous new year!