December 14, 2007

White Employees Suspended for Hanging Noose in Workplace

Two white employees of the Riverdale Park (Maryland) Department of Public Works suspended because they hung a noose in the workplace on December 7th. The man and woman involved in the incident claim it was a joke.

One former DPW employee says that racist attitudes and actions are common. In fact, this former employee would like to see the two jokers fired from the job and prosecuted for a hate crime. Click here to see videotaped report on this noose incident.

Villagers, I'm still at a loss how anyone in America can think that it is a joke to use hangman noose in conjunction with any African American? Do they not understand the history of the noose in our country?


Prometheus 6 said...

They do not think it is a joke.

You remember the Usenet idiots that would curse you out and put a smiley on the end of each sentence. That's who these assholes are.

Unknown said...

Prometheus 6 - ...dropping BBS references from back in the 2400 baud modem days (smile)!

Shelia said...

They don't think that it is a joke.

One of the things that allows me to operate very well in any group is the fact that in the workplace and professional settings, I let people know immediately that I don't joke, my sense of humor takes a nap from 9 to 5.

Very early on I learned that mean spirited and evil people use "oh, I was just joking" to cover their stupidity. This was no joke, and neither is any of the other foolishness that we've seen lately, I'm taking all of it very seriously.

Martin Lindsey said...

They think they can get away with it because so many others seem to be getting off lightly. I say put them on the unemployment roles and see if they catch that kind of humor.

I'm going to church to pray for the noose nuts this morning.

Unknown said...

Shelia - I think that your approach at work ('no jokes') is an excellent strategy for more of our peeps to pursue. I have two employees at my incubator ... and sometimes they get too familiar with our clients and engage in joking and good-natured humor ... however, I remind them that there is a line that we cannot afford to cross with paying clients. The same would apply with co-workers in Corporate America. There is a line ... and we can't blur it for ourselves or our white counterparts.

Unknown said...

Martin - Pray for 'em. Your approach is always a good one!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Villager, there are still people whose consciousness is still "unraised" and have no idea why anyone would appreciate the "joke." How awful!

maryt/theteach said...

Villager, that last comment is made by me "maryt/theteach" at Work of the Poet. Some thing crazy is going on with commenting...

Sleeperwithheavyeyes said...

After Jena and the numerous incidents that have followed, it is doubtful that anyone who puts up a noose thinks that it will be received as a joke. It isn't necessary to change the way we approach people at work, or make the environment less friendly because we fear offensive and clumsy attempts at humor. People who put up racist symbols should be treated as racist and fired and we shouldn't change our behavior to accommodated them.

Unknown said...

The Teach & Homeland Colors - I look forward to seeing what the final outcome is for these two workers. I agree that they should be fired!

Anonymous said...

Always the race card. Shows bad judgement hanging the noose, but the fact is, as many whites were lynched in the US as blacks. Those blacks that were lynched, more often than not, deserved to be hung up high. They had committed crimes of rape and murder. Strange how the media and blacks make these lynchings seem to be on innocent men who did nothing to deserve their hanging. In those days whites knew how to make blacks keep their savagery in the black community and how to make white bad boyz behave!

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Unknown said...

Truthful - You have a truly distorted view of both American and world history. However, I am glad that you feel free to spew your nonsense here in the village. Suffice to say that your negative view of people of African descent is not shared by most that you will see here.

Anonymous said...

Villager, I do dislike blacks. They are who and what they are by nature.

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Unknown said...

Truthful - I respect your right to have your opinion. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.