December 15, 2007

Ghost of DeAunta Farrow May Force Killer Cop to Resign

Here are some updates on the DeAunta Farrow killing down in West Memphis, AR. Villagers recall that the West Memphis city council passed a resolution to ask for the resignation of the two killer cops and the police chief. However, the mayor vetoed the resolution last week. More recently, we learn that Sergeant Erik Sammis, the killer cop cleared of all charges in the shooting death of DeAunta Farrow, may resign. See the television report shown below for details.

What do you think? Should Erik Sammis resign?


Anonymous said...

Naw, he should not resign. Whenever white police officers are involved with a black suspect, the reputation of violence associated with blacks comes into play.

If blacks don't wanna get shot, they should do something about their violent reputation.

Blacks commit over 80% of all violent crime in America.

Not all tigers are killers, but, recognizing that I have an 80% chance of being mauled by a tiger, I approach all tigers as killers.

Unknown said...

Truthful - It is a shame that white police officers are so untrained as to let stereotypes color the way that they do business. I'm unaware that 12-year old Black boys who are simply walking from one family home to another pose a threat to Erik Sammis or other white police officers in West Memphis. Yet, they shot the innocent youngster. It is a shame you compare that innocent youngster with a killer tiger mauling. That is a sign that perhaps your judgement is colored on this issue as well.

Anonymous said...

I did not give blacks their reputation, blacks earned that.

Black music portrays their violent lifestyle, yet, you say I am stereotyping.

If it comes down to a black killing me because I don't want to stereotype, then I am going to typecast the black.

It is only common sense. Blacks have been waging war of whites for the last 50 years. Every year blacks murder thousands of whites. Whites seldom attack blacks.

This is war, a war provoked and carried on by blacks against whites.

I encourage every white person to get a gun permit and to carry their weapon. I also encourage all whites to "Shoot to Kill" when attacked by black crimnal.

Unknown said...

Truthful - Our music includes jazz, gospel and the blues. Our music created Elvis Presley. I'm always amazed by how narrow-minded bigots can be when they begin to unfairly rant on Black folks.

I guess you know that most white victims of murder are killed by other whites. Shouldn't your order to shoot on sight be simply directed at anyone who is trying to kill you ... without regard to stereotyping people of African descent? Most of the harm caused to your peeps when it comes to violent crime is perpetrated by other whites. Shouldn't that scare you more than your misplaced fear of Black people?

Anonymous said...

Above find a link to where blacks have been murdering whites. Show me a similar link where I can find reports of whites murdering blacks. White attacks on blacks are rare.

Whites do not often assault blacks. Blacks often assault whites.

White on white crime does not come into play here as it does not affect blacks. Black on black crime is the black communties business. It is up to blacks to reduce those murders.

Blacks support black on white crime. Look at the Jena six affair where 6 black youths were given an award on BET for stomping a white student unconcious and blacks are now asking for a pardon for these thugs.

If blacks were being fair they would not take up for such criminal behavior. The would denounce it.

Another example is Joe Horn of Texas shooting the black burglars to death. If a man does not wish to get shot, he should not burglarize someone elses property. They were not in the house to welcome the homeowner...they were there to steal, rape and murder.

If the black communty does not wish to viewed as dangerous, it is up to the black community to change the perception others have of them.

When the black community takes up for their criminals, such as they did the Jena 6 and the two dead burglars, then the perception others have of blacks is that they support criminal behavior.

When the law hands out pardons to thugs that stomp white boys unconcious, then the white community realizes that the law is not going to protect them and take matters into their own Joe Horn of Texas did.

Unknown said...

Truthful - You asked me show a similar link where I can find reports of whites murdering blacks.

Here you go --> Middle Passage.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Anonymous said...

That was Jews doing the killing on your link, not whites. That happened in another time, not recently.

The Jews hate whites. That is why they use their media to incite racial hatred between blacks and whites. They are not real Jews, but impostors posing as Jews. The Israelis are these impostors. They are in no way related genetically to the Jews of the bible. These same Jews are slaughtering the Arabs.

Show me where today whites are attacking and murdering blacks.

You cannot. Blacks are waging a war against whites as evidenced by the link I furnished you.

By your logic you are trying to justify black murders of whites because of something that occured 200 years ago.

Whites today had nothing to do with that. It was whites that freed the negro, not the Jew. The Jew enslaved the negro.

You see the wolf in white clothing and assume he represents white interests. The Jew represents the Jews interest.

Joe Horn set an example of what whites must do to protect themselves from black crime.

Unknown said...

Truthful - I simply answered your question. I respect taht you are uncomfortable with the answer. Of course, a recent example would be Sgt. Erik Sammis ... who killed 12-year old DeAunta Farrow ... probably as a result of the fear that seems to inhabit your mind. It is a shame when your fear of your fellow man results in the killing of an innocent 12-year old youth.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, white attacks on blacks are rare. The link I furnished you showed at least 10 recent animalistic assaults and murders of whites.

You introduce a story where a law enforcement officer shot a 12 year old black youth. 10-1 is the score and your example is in doubt.

Unknown said...

Truthful - The beauty of operating my own blog is that I'm the only scorekeeper that counts! Do you have a blog of your own? If so, you can tout your statistics and revel in your fear of African Americans on your own time.

Meanwhile, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!